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Northwest Horse Fair and ExpoThe Northwest Horse Fair & Expo has just that opportunity for you.  Many of our clinicians need participants for their clinics March 18, 19 & 20, 2016 at the Linn County Fair & Expo Center in Albany, Oregon. See below the opportunities that exist with each clinician.

Follow this link for an application.  http://equinepromotions.net/northwest-horse-fair/exhibit/clinic-participation/  Applications due by February 1, 2016.


Pat Parelli – Riders/Handlers can be either English or Western – intermediate level at the minimum. Riders & Handlers must be confident with their horse, can walk, trot and canter in front of a crowd.  The Horse can have behavior issues as long as the rider/handler is confident handling the horse in question.  Helmets strongly encouraged.

  • Friday – Clinic on “Horses are from Mars, Humans are from Venus” – Pat will help you understand more about prey animal nature and how humans and horses can build a common language to be better partners for each other.  NEED: 1 participant – problem horse, can be a ground or riding issue
  • Friday – “How Smart is Your Horse?” – Learn how to read your horse and bring out the best in him by using Love, Language, and Leadership to create a partner that is lighter, calmer, braver and more athletic.  NEED: 1 participant working towards advancing their skills for the show ring or a specific sport
  • Saturday – “It’s Not About the Issues” – Horse behavior challenges are just symptoms of a larger issue…. Pat will coach you on how a strong basic communication can solve any common issues.  NEED: 1 participant with any sort of “issue” Can be trailer loading, standing for hoof care, clipping, saddling, pulling back, etc..
  • Saturday – “Look Mom… No Hands! Revealing the Secrets of Bridleless Riding” – Learn how to read your horse and bring out the best in him by using Love, Language, and Leadership to create a partner that is lighter, calmer, braver and more athletic.  These are the simple steps to creating a safe ride – so you could eventually take the bridle off if you wanted to!  NEED: 1 participant – confident rider with a safe horse.

Mark Bolender

  • We will use 4 riders each day.  2 riders will be used every day, and then 2 different riders will be added each day. Horses can be of any breed. Riders participating every day should have a show background. Riders participating on a single day do not need a show background.  Single day applicants, please indicate the day of most interest to you.  (Participants will need a rope halter, 12’ or 14’ lead rope and wraps for all 4 legs.)
  • Friday: “The Mind of the Horse – Instinct and How it Factors into How the Horse Approaches the Obstacles of Mountain Trail”
  • Saturday: “The Horses View – Viewing Obstacles From the Horse’s Perspective and How to Use Their Instinct to Your Advantage”
  • Sunday: “Worthy of Leadership? How to Use the Horse’s Instinct to Lock the Horse Into a Commitment of Mastering the Obstacles”

Charles Wilhelm “The Making of a Super Horse”

  • Need 4-5 intermediate to advanced level participants, any discipline and any breed who will ride each day and progress through the sessions.  ** Please note – we will not be selecting participants in the Ultimate Super Horse Challenge to ride in these clinics to avoid the perception of having an unfair advantage by riding in a clinic prior to competition.

Heidi McLaughlin – These riders should have generally well trained horses – no ‘green’ horses or horses who are inexperienced in an arena.

  • Friday – “How to Overcome Fear in the Saddle” – NEED: 1 participant with a general fear in the saddle
  • Saturday – “Do Your Fear Your Horse’s Spook?” – NEED: 1 participant that fears their horse spooking – in the arena, on the trail, anywhere
  • Sunday – “Overcome Your Fear of Cantering” – NEED: 1 participant who is afraid to canter

Riata Ranch Cowboy Girls – if you are interested in beginning or improving your trick riding skills for you and your horse these are the clinics for you!

  • Friday – “The 7 Steps to Start & Maintain Trick Riding Horses” – NEED: 1-2 horses
  • Saturday – “Fundamental Western Performance Basics: Developing a Rider into an Equestrian Athlete” NEED: up to 4 people interested in either learning the basics of trick riding and/or building on their skills. (You will use the highly trained Riata Ranch horses, not your own.)

Kristina Harrison – Dressage clinics – the Oregon Dressage Society will coordinate rider selection.  Please watch for a separate application with requirements to be posted on our website.

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