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Trainer’s Profile: Molly McDaniel of Balanced Performance Training and Hoofcare

Focusing on the Longevity and Soundness of the Horse Interview by Kim Roe What is the name of your business? Balanced Performance Training and Hoofcare, LLC What do you do?  I’m a farrier and I also accept horses and mules for training. I teach lessons (and can provide lesson horses …

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13 Facts About Fly Control for Horses and Cattle

A variety of options are necessary for optimal control Flies can be more than an annoyance – they can even be dangerous, whether impacting a ride with your horse in a single, painful bite or transmitting diseases to horses and cattle.  “Flies are pesky, they’re hard to control. And a …

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Take Julie Goodnight’s Quiz to Learn your Horse’s Skill Set for Training

Find a Horse’s Present Skills to Set the Right Training Goals for the Future SALIDA, Colorado, May 26, 2022—It’s hard to know where you’re going without knowing where you’ve been—and where you are right now⁠. Nothing is more true when it comes to training horses. Julie Goodnight developed a revealing …

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Ask the Expert: Looking for Information on Horse Breeding Behavior

Q: I’m a student who is having some trouble finding some information if you can help me that would be appreciated! 1. Describe an example of intersexual selection in horse behaviour? 2. Describe behaviours that might change in a mare when it “comes into season” 3. How is the breeding …

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Ask the Expert: How big should a decently sized pasture be for a pony with Cushings Disease?

Q: Hello! My family and I will be moving onto a property that will (hopefully) have enough space to move my pony onto. Though if the property doesn’t come with a pasture and/or lean-to we will be putting one in ourselves. How big should a decently sized pasture be for …

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Ask the Expert: Is there any scientific information regarding stress on horses during wartime?

Q: Is there any scientific literature regarding the stress effects horses underwent during use in wartime, such as the Civil War? • Andre A: When one thinks about the trauma and suffering horses (as well as people, other livestock, and wildlife) endured during wars throughout the history of mankind it …

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Ask the Expert: Best Western Bit?

Q: I would like to know the best western bit to use Cassidy A: Hi Cassidy, Thank you for your question! So it really depends on too many things to narrow it down to one bit. I use two or three different bits depending on what I’m doing with my …

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Ask the Expert: Back Legs Sliding Under Horse While Trailer Loading

Q: I have had my horse 5 years and he’s always travelled like an absolute dream. We tried to take him to vets today and his back legs were sliding under him, he was trying to sit down and was very unsettled. He’s recently had his shoes taken off could …

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Ask the Expert: Can I Make Treats with Lavender Extract Paste?

Q: I just got some lavender extract paste can I make horse treats with it? If I can what should I put in them? –Jamie A: Lavender can be used in making horse treats of almost any type you wish. Most horses will like the flavor, though it’s useful to …

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Ask The Expert: Previously Foundered Mare Suddenly Lame

Q: My previously foundered mare came down suddenly lame as we had a Siberian cold front come in. We live in NW IL and the wind chills were -34F this lasted for 2 weeks. Temps have become more seasonal and we are due for a stretch of 50 degree weather. …

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Ask the Expert: Speed Control at the Canter

Q: How can I teach my horse to stay at a constant canter so he doesn’t speed up or slow down when I don’t have the reins? ~  Julia   A: Hi Julia, That is a great question.  The most important part of this is to teach your horse to …

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Ask the Expert: Where Horses Poop. Do We Have a Choice?

Q: Hi! I’m wondering if anyone on your team has any suggestions on how to prevent our horses from defecating in a certain area of their corral near the entrance gate? We’d prefer they choose an alternate area that wasn’t so close to the house and we didn’t have to …

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Dr. Sauter examines a horse during a pre-purchase exam. ©NWHS Photo

Ask the Expert: How to Deal With Cataracts in Horses

Q: Can a cataract be successfully healed in a horse? If so, does their eyesight return to normal? Thank you. Dan A: Hello Dan, Yes. Cataracts in horses are classified by age of onset, cause, location and severity.  Many cases of cataracts in horses only partially obstruct vision making the …

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Ask the Expert: Horse Has Too Much Go on the Trail

Q: I have a mare that has a lot more go than anything else. After riding for 30 or so minutes, she calms down some, but is still a fast walker. When going through trails, she doesn’t slow down to take the time to take the best path. I don’t …

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Ask the Expert: Choosing a student research project

Q: I am after some advice. I must complete an extended essay/research project by the end of next year. I have chosen biology and would like to do something equine related. I am required to choose an issue and write 5000 words on it. I’m required to conduct my own …

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Ask the Expert: How Do I Deal With a Herd Bound Horse?

Q: My question has a bit of a back story. I have one mare and one gelding. They’ve been together for four years. I had the gelding first (he is 16 and my mare is 9).  I bought the mare as a four-year-old. They’ve never been apart. I show jump …

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Question: Horse Keeps Putting His Head on My Back or Shoulder. Is this Proper Behavior?

Q: Hi Al, Good morning, I have a question that I’m hoping you can answer for me. I have recently started riding a friends horse (after not riding for almost 10 years). It is a 6yr old gelding (Section D Welsh Cob). I rode him for the second time yesterday, …

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Why Cross-tie Young Horse 24/7?

Q: Hi Al, I know quite a bit about horses but not training young ones. Twice I have seen people cross-tie a young horse under a year old and just leave it tied 24 / 7. One of them (for sure) was a colt, the other I don’t know. What …

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