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The month-long campaign will honor the annual World AIDS Day event on Thursday, Dec. 1



sean-humphrey-house-logoBellingham, Washington (Nov. 1, 2016)Sean Humphrey House is proud to announce its annual World AIDS Day campaign. Founded in 1995, the nonprofit organization based in Bellingham is dedicated to spreading awareness and education surrounding HIV/AIDS in the Whatcom County area. The House itself provides a safe and enjoyable environment for residents to live and thrive, while also allowing them to maintain independent, fulfilling lifestyles.

“World AIDS Day is held on December 1st every year and it’s a great opportunity to educate people about HIV/AIDS,” said Joshua Grub, the Executive Director of Sean Humphrey House. “We’re particularly excited about this year’s ‘Do the Red Thing’ campaign leading up to World AIDS Day because we’re hoping it will increase people’s awareness and knowledge of HIV/AIDS.”

World AIDS Day is a worldwide event giving people the chance to fight against HIV, show their support for people living with HIV/AIDS, raise money for the cause and remember those who have lost their lives to the disease.

In celebration of World AIDS Day, Sean Humphrey House is conducting a “Do the Red Thing” campaign in solidarity of raising awareness about HIV/AIDS issues. The campaign will begin Tuesday, Nov. 1, and conclude on World AIDS Day, Thursday, Dec. 1. The campaign urges community members far and wide to “Do the Red Thing and wear red on December 1st in support of those with HIV/AIDS.”

The social media hashtag “#DoTheRedThing” will encourage people to show their support on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with a post or photo of supporters wearing red, getting tested for HIV and helping the HIV/AIDS community in many other ways.

The campaign will also include a “Do the Red Thing” fundraiser posted to Sean Humphrey House’s Facebook page via GoFundMe. All the proceeds from the fundraiser will fund the necessary materials and program costs in order to make World AIDS Day in Bellingham a success. Any donation amount is encouraged.

The campaign will conclude on World AIDS Day with a community event hosted by Sean Humphrey House, which all community members and businesses are invited to attend. Details for the event to follow. Sean Humphrey House is always available for questions regarding HIV/AIDS and how you can help in your community. For more information about Sean Humphrey House and the work that they do, visit


About Sean Humphrey House

Sean Humphrey House is a nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading awareness and education surrounding HIV/AIDS in the Bellingham and Whatcom County area. Sean Humphrey House was built in memoriam to Robert Sean Humphrey, a Bellingham local who succumbed to his HIV/AIDS condition in 1992. It was his humanitarian concerns for others with the virus that didn’t have support of family and friends and access to medical insurance or adequate finances that helped Sean Humphrey House come into being. The House itself provides residents with HIV/AIDS a safe and enjoyable environment to live and thrive together. The family-home setting allows residents at Sean Humphrey House to maintain independent, fulfilling lives while having access to support services in order to remain healthy and combat HIV/AIDS. Sean Humphrey House is located in the lettered streets of Bellingham at 1630 H Street in Bellingham, Wash. For more information, call (360) 733-0176 or visit

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