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[CALDWELL, ID, DEC 14—] Safety, low-expense, ease-of-installation, appearance, and longevity. These are the pillars of our design philosophy behind SAFE-FENCE, the steadfast flagship of our fencing business, from even before we took the name ‘Powerfields’. Located proudly in Idaho’s Treasure Valley, we were the first American-Made electric polytape available to the U.S. Equine community. We were also the first polytape designed for permanent installation with a 20-Year Warranty. Find out what defines our design philosophy, and what makes SAFE-FENCE the best economical choice, offering strength, reliability, aesthetic value, and reasonable longevity to the readers of Northwest Horse Source.Safe-Fence

The secret to SAFE-FENCE’s design is no secret at all, as back in 1991 we got all the answers we needed from fellow horse owners to design our product. In the initial development we asked them to pinpoint their greatest concerns, and from their answers we knew we had to design a product that A) Had little or no potential for injury,  B) Had to cost less than wood, vinyl, and even woven wire, and C) be a better deal in the long run than the cost of risk involved with high-injury wire. With all that in mind we designed our design philosophy which has remained consisent since 1991, which is as follows:

“SAFE-FENCE Electric System will provide containment security with minimum installation effort, maximum visual appeal at a price affordable to all horse owners. The makers of SAFE-FENCE believe that responsible horse fencing must hold horses securely throughout normal daily activities but in cases of violent impact the fence must release the horse without injury or major damage to the fence.”

Our polytape is made with 55 strands of high-quality monofilament specifically formulated for radical temperature conditions and the harshest UV rays. The monofilament is then interwoven with 15 strands of long lasting stainless steel that keeps a more constant conductivity over a long period of time, better than aluminum or copper. All together it creates a strong, 750-pound break-strength tape that continues to be stronger and safer than wood and most non-high-tensile wire installations. Its high visibility reduces the potential for accidents and since 1991 there has not been a single reported injury, continuing our long tradition of safety.

Our Hardware is made with the same preconceived values, accepting that the fence will suffer periodic and varying degrees of impact. We calculated the weak points and designed the tape to accommodate the widest range of damages we determined could occur. It’s easy to install too. If a person can lift 15 lbs, swing a hammer, and turn a small wrench, they can install SAFE-FENCE on any fence post. Maintenance is even easier. Considering the most severe accidents or weather, damage is seldom more than a broken insulator or stretched polytape, which can be easily re-tightened with a tensioner. Even if it’s torn, it can be quickly repaired with the stainless-steel splicer that joins the rolls.

All this is why we’re glad to partner with Northwest Horse Source to bring to you the high-quality products we’ve been making for the last 27 years, and plan to continue for many years to come.


Powerfields has been a trusted partner to retailers all over the United States. With warehouses and manufacturing in Caldwell, Idaho and Blairsville, Pennsylvania, Powerfields delivers value to its customers through high-quality products and competitive prices.

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