Kaeco Group Announces New Patented Equi-Mast® 3X Gel Concentrate

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3 Grams of Mastic Gum in Each 10 ml Dose

Equi-Mast® 3X Gel Concentrate is an equine digestive aid to assist in maintaining a healthy equine gastrointestinal system and as an aid to support the control of stomach ulcers.


Equi-Mast® 3X Gel Concentrate
Net Contents: 30 ml
(1.01 fl. oz.
US Patent # 9,694,042 B1
US Patent # 9,993,498
Made in the USA

• Ideal for race and performance horses and foals
Horses with gastric ulcers can look completely healthy
Clinical signs can be more subtle, such as:


Poor appetite
Attitude changes
Decreased performance
Reluctance to train
Poor body condition
Poor hair coat
Weight loss
Excessive time spent lying down
Low grade colic
Grinding of teeth and drooling
Loose feces

Most foals with gastric ulcers do not exhibit clinical signs. Clinical signs become apparent when the ulceration is widespread or severe. Although it is most commonly recognized in older weanling foals, gastric ulceration has also been reported in neonatal foals as young as 24h. (Lewis, S. Gastric ulceration in an equine neonate. Can Vet J. 2003; 44:420-1

Adult Horses: One 10 ml dose per day for three days prior to trailering, competition, training or other stress conditions.
Foals: One 5 ml dose per day for six days after birth, during weaning and stress conditions.


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