Local Distillery Begins Manufacturing Hand Sanitizer to Give Away in Community

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Everson, WA – Probably Shouldn’t Distillery has begun producing a different kind of ‘essential’ quarantine product, hand sanitizer.

Located in Everson, WA, the family-owned distillery will begin producing and distributing hand sanitizer as early as Tuesday, March 24. Shawn and Mariah Butenschoen, the founders of the distillery, are starting by manufacturing over 1,000 bottles for donation. The couple plan to give them away for free in the community to help combat the COVID-19 disease.

“I think everyone is looking around right now and wondering what they can do to help with the situation,” Shawn said. “And we got to thinking, well, we have all this alcohol here…”

The idea took root on March 16 when Mariah, an English teacher at Lynden High School, and Shawn were discussing the school and restaurant closures and what they could do to lift the local community. The answer arrived on March 17 when the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) gave the go-ahead for licensed distilleries to begin producing hand sanitizer without the usual red tape measures.

“Once the TTB gave the green light, we knew we should do it,” Shawn said.

With the help of a friend who donated several bottles of essential oils to the project, they purchased 1,000 bottles, paid the expedited shipping, and ordered labels. The bottling will begin as soon as all supplies are on hand.

“The biggest challenge so far has been finding enough bottles for the hand sanitizer,” Shawn said. “Apparently there’s an issue with the supply chain.”

Once the hand sanitizer dispensers have been assembled, the Butenschoens plan to supply local school districts with bottles of hand sanitizer for families in need. They’re also donating hand sanitizer to the local Lighthouse Mission, as well as to several other local organizations.

“We plan to keep the giving going as long as supplies last,” Mariah said.

The disinfectant will be bottled in sprayable containers, meaning that people can also use them to wipe down hard surfaces where the coronavirus may linger.

In addition to their donation to the community, the Butenschoens are also working on sourcing bottles to make local retail sales of hand sanitizer an option, as well as working with Amazon Logistics to supply their warehouse employees and drivers with hand sanitizer.

“We’re just happy we found a way to contribute,” the Butenschoens said. “These are trying times, and we have to look out for one another.”

Probably Shouldn’t Distillery can be reached via email at [email protected] or by phone at (360) 410-1632.

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