Innovacyn Launches Shampoo Line for Pet and Equine Markets

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Vetericyn FoamCare™ Shampoo from Innovacyn Is Specifically Formulated For Specific Coat Types With Innovative Foaming Spray

Vetericyn FoamCare™ Shampoo from Innovacyn Is Specifically Formulated For Specific Coat Types With Innovative Foaming Spray

RIALTO, CA – Innovacyn Inc., a leader in creating innovative healthcare products, has launched a new shampoo line specifically formulated for individual coat types for both pets and equine.

Vetericyn FoamCare™ is an easy on, easy off conditioning shampoo that is applied as a foaming spray for quick coverage and less mess. Once lathered into the animal’s coat it provides a deeper clean that nourishes the skin.  For each coat type, it easily rinses out while providing optimal conditioning.

Vetericyn FoamCare is available in three specially designed formulations for pets depending on the density of their coats; low, medium and high. Also available is a pet medicated formulation for use on itchy dry skin, hot spots, and other skin conditions. All pet formulations support optimal skin and coat health and are anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, provide skin conditioning and have a synergistic blend that works to enhance the animal’s natural immune system against dermatological disorders.

The equine offerings include non-medicated and medicated formulations, providing healing relief for dry, itching skin, fungal disorders, rain rot, ringworm and yeast. No harsh chemicals have been added to the shampoo. It is safe for everyday use and helps restore your pet’s skin defenses with anti-inflammatory and cell-proliferating ingredients.

Innovacyn Vice President Scott Van Winkle stated: “We are very pleased to announce the launch of our Vetericyn FoamCare Shampoo line. Uniquely formulated for different companion animal coat types, it’s easy on, easy off application allows for fun and stress-free bathing experience. Because it is compatible with our Vetericyn Plus Wound and Skin Care products, you can use our Plus line of products after bathing for wound and skin management. This is the perfect shampoo for your pet or horse and because it is pH optimized it will support a healthier coat by retaining essential skin oils.”


About Vetericyn’s Animal Health Products:

Vetericyn offers a dermal wound care line called Vetericyn Plus, intended for the management of skin abrasions, lacerations, minor irritations, cuts and intact skin on animals. It is safe for use on all animal species. Vetericyn Plus products contain advanced hypochlorous technology, an advanced cleansing solution, setting the stage for optimal healing conditions. In addition to its retail offering, the product line includes Vetericyn VF Plus for Veterinarians and Super 7+ Navel Dip for newborn animal care. For more information, please visit their website:

About Innovacyn:

Since 2009, Innovacyn, Inc. has been a leader in creating innovative medical devices and solutions, driving advancements in the human and animal health industries. Innovacyn manufactures and markets the Vetericyn brand for animal use and Puracyn® Plus for human use in both hospital and over-the-counter markets. Innovacyn is headquartered in Rialto, CA, USA where the company continues to grow its line of innovative products.

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