2018 Reining by the Bay Was a Fantastic 20th Anniversary Celebration

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Jacs Red Pine18RBB12777
NRHA 2400M: LV4Non Pro Maturity
NRHA 2500M: LV3 Non Pro Maturity
NRHA2600M: LV2 Non Pro Maturity
NRHA2625M: LV1 Non Pro Maturity
NRHA 2650M: PT Non Pro Maturity
Horse: Jacs Red Pine
Rider: Debi Murnan
Owner: Debi Murnan
Photo Credit: John O’Hara


What a special year, what a special event and what a great time for competitors and spectators! The 2018 Reining by the Bay was a fantastic 20th Anniversary celebration! From the wonderful outdoor setting, the custom arena preparation, the beautifully staged venue and of course the many talented horses and riders winning incredible amounts of money, “It is definitely the best outdoor Reining competition experience, unmatched anywhere in the Country”, stated Al Dunning during his live commentaries.

Every event producer has that one event that starts it all. For Amanda Brumley, Scottsdale, Arizona and Pat Warren, Woodside, California, Reining by the Bay is it. This year marked 20 years since its conception and it was the most spectacular year imaginable. When these women met after last year’s RBB show, they committed themselves to Reining by the Bay’s successful future. “That meeting was pivotal, a turning point for our event”, stated Brumley.

Unique cannot begin to describe this venue. The Horse Park at Woodside in almost 300 acres of stunning equestrian facilities and holds multiple events each year ranging from Dressage, Hunter-Jumper, Vaulting, and Three Day Eventing. Reining by the Bay has for the past 20 years been the park’s only major western discipline event. The Horse Park at Woodside is a Non-Profit run by a group of Board of Directors. The land is actually owned by Stanford University and is leased for the parks operations. There have been many very generous donations given to the park to make improvements over the years.

“The Bay Arena is what makes this venue very unique,” comments Brumley. “When we set up for this show, the arena measures 300’ long by 150’ wide. It’s a huge outdoor pen that allows our exhibitors to really show off the magnificence of their horses and then there’s the view! It overlooks the San Francisco Bay.”

When asked what goes into preparing this huge outdoor facility, the to-do list is really long. “We start weeks in advance, just my husband Tracy and myself for this event. This is an outdoor multi discipline facility, and the park’s budget is very tight so we must create the required needs for a quality reining show and competition. We want the park to look as special as the event itself. This year, we cleaned, painted fences, brought in 30 tons of new bark for where the Yellowstone Hospitality tent was to be located, and extensive arena ground construction. I am sure many people think we have a big crew helping us but that is definitely not the case,” laughs Brumley.

While Amanda focuses her efforts on the venues, Tracy is on the tractor to prep the footing in the arenas that will be used for the show. “When I get here, the footing is nothing like we want for reining,” comments Tracy Brumley. “It’s a lot shallower in depth, I have to spend at least two days moving sand around to create and even base. These outdoor arenas are subject to a lot of weather abuse during the winter months.” After his initial preparations, 200 tons of new arena sand was trucked in this year to add softness and depth to the Bay arena. After tents were erected, graphics and audio video equipment put in place, stunning flower arrangements get placed on the linen covered tables, and the show was ready to begin.

The week of competition started with the Open Ancillary divisions with 59 horses to see in slate #1. Offering two slates of Ancillary classes allows for exhibitors to compete for the High Point Gist Custom Trophy Buckles and coveted High Point Trophy Saddles, sponsored by Bob’s Custom Saddles and Scottsdale Western World. Consistency brought Hollywood Voodoo, (Dunnit In Hollywood x Peppys Royal Girl), and rider Mike Boyle for owner Ken Hamilton to the High Point Championship in the Open division. Reserve High Point was a tie between Eric Laporte riding Holier Then Thou, (Jacs Electric Spark x Slide Me Again) for owner Nichole McDevitt and Gunnachicya, (Gunnatrashya x Millionnic Chic) rider Ollie Galligan for owner Margaret Daly. Two slates of Non Pro Ancillary were to follow, 139 horses walked through the Bay arena gate on those days. Kelly Moran and Cromed Out Chic, (Custom Crome x Play For Chic) a handsome grey gelding bested the rest of the Non Pros winning High Point Championship by just one point over Cady Shaw and her horse Dream Whiz Me, (Magnum Chic Dream x Whiz Out Chex). Shaw and Dream Whiz Me also took home the Prime Time High Point Championship.

The surprise of the event was the clean sweep by the soft eyed, twenty year old chestnut gelding named Royal Montana, (Peptoboonsmal x Marjorie Montana), bloodlines not often seen in the reining industry, more often so in the cutting and reined cow horse arenas. Owned by Jennifer LeMere, Royal Montana has been part of her life for seventeen years. This amazing duo captured the Intermediate Non Pro and Limited Non Pro High Point Divisions winning two Gist custom trophy buckles and a Scottsdale Western World, Silver Spurs Equine Custom Trophy Saddle. When asked about their victory, LeMere gushes “I keep Pepto, (Royal Montana), at home in San Martin. I ride him on trails, on the beach and have also shown him in the cow horse and cutting arenas. He has taken me to the AQHA World Show twice in Reining and Reined Cow Horse. He is that once in a lifetime horse for me!” Life was not entirely smooth for Pepto and Jennifer as in 2011 he almost succumbed to colic. “We weren’t sure he would make it through surgery. Almost losing him made me realize not to waste time and start checking off my bucket list events. I decided that this year’s Reining by the Bay was on that list. Three months before the show I just started legging. He doesn’t need to be trained on. He knows his job. I have never won a saddle on him, this was what I hoped would be the event were that happened. At twenty years of age, he could win his saddle and he did.” Now retired from reining, Pepto is on lease to a close friend of LeMere’s whose teenager will show him in a few High School Rodeo cuttings until LeMere decides Pepto wants to retire.

Friday morning started perfectly as the cool and calm mountain top Bay Arena waited for the Open Futurity competition. For the young horses who won championships in all three levels of this class, it was the first time that they were asked to actually compete in a show pen.

Andrea Fappani took the Championship and Reserve on two of his three horses. Design To Spark, (Jacs Electric Spark x Taris Designer Genes x Mr Boomerjac) owned by Rancho Oso Rio LLC earned the Championship with a score of 220.5. The win of $10,627.00 was a great start for the talented young horse’s earning career. Andrea stated, “He’s a very physical horse, and mentally, he’s very strong.” Andrea riding Diamonds In My Genes, (Whizkey N Diamonds x Electric Genes x Jacs Electric Spark), won the Reserve championship, earning $8,992.00 for Rhodes River Ranch of Arlington, Washington.

Mike Boyle captured the Championships in the Level 2 and 3 divisions on Donttakeurgunstotown, (Gunnatrashya x Gunnalena). The team earned over $5,700.00 for marking their 219.0 score. Mike said, “You never know how it’s going to go on the Futurity horses, but he was right there for me”.  The horse’s owner Kelly Keenan is Mike’s niece who plans to take over the reins in Las Vegas at the 2018 High Roller Reining Classic. The Level 2 Reserve Championship was split between Mike Mc Entire showing Pale Face Whiz, (Pale Face Dunnit x Ms Maggie Whiz x Topsail Whiz) for A4L Equine LLC and Pedro Baiao on Bee Whiz, (Spooks Gotta Whiz x Cee Bee Shine x Shining Spark) for owners Martin and Kim Muehlstaetter of Scottdale, Arizona. The Level 1 Reserve Champion was earned by Jackson Porath riding Gunnshine, (Gunnatrashya x JDF Shining Anna x Shining Spark) for owners Saddle Horn Farms LLC.

The Non Pro Futurity, on Saturday, started with another perfect morning. Jose Vazquez on Pistols Smart, (Smart Like Juice x Velvet Pistol x Playgun) owned by Smart Like Juice Inc., scored a 217.0 to win the Level 4 competition. The team won over $8,439.00.  Jose said that this is the first time his horse had been away from home and “he really acted mature, and I was very happy with him. It’s easy to see where the horses shine after a few circles in the Bay Arena”. Tara Matsler was Reserve Champion in the Level 4 and captured the Level 3 and 2 Championships on her horse Classic Whizkey, (Whizkey N Diamonds x Classy Sugari x Tangys Classy Peppy), owned by Bonnie Christiansen. Tara said that, ‘Gibson’ is so special to her because her grandfather bought his grand-dam for her grandmother in 1993 and Tara has been waiting for this day for three years. The team garnered over $10,600.00 for their efforts. Jared Brotherson on his horse JT Smoken Whiz Juice, (Smokin Gunner x JT Whiz Juice x Smart Like Juice) and Campbell McLeod on Whizkeydrnknprincess, (Whizkey N Diamonds x Custom Skirt) owned by Anne McLeod tied for the Level 2 and 3 Reserve Championships. Those placings along with their tie for third in the level 4 division, earned each of them over $5,380.00.

Fourteen year old Luca Fappani swept the Non Pro Derby winning the Level 4, 3, 2, 1, and Youth 13-Under with a solidly earned scored of 220.0 on his parent’s horse Spooks N Jewels, (Smart Spook x Whiz Jewels x Topsail Whiz). The competition was packed with talented horses and riders and when the last draw of the class scored the closest with a score of 219.0, Luca could finally enjoy his victory. Luca has only been showing for two years, so he said he appreciates how “really solid ‘Journey’ is and able do everything correctly”. For this event, the team was ready to do well and really proved their abilities. “I am grateful to have him at home and my mom giving me the opportunity to show him”, Luca stated. Luca garnered over $22,500.00 for his Non Pro Derby wins.  Additional prizes included five Gist buckles, five NRHA trophies and three custom trophy saddles from Bob’s Custom Saddles, Scottsdale Western World, Silver Spurs Equine Saddles. Jose Vazquez scored the 219 to earn the Reserve L4 Championship and Prime Time Champion prizes. He and, Like Shiner, (Smart Like Juice x Wind Her Up Shiner x Shining Spark) earned the over $9,600.00 for the event. Another young competitor, Kylie Robinson, showed her talents by taking the Levels 1, 2, and 3 Reserve Champion spots as well as winning the Youth 14-18 Championship on her Xtra Bamstep, (Wimpys Little Step x Miss Bam Bam Command x Docs Fritzie Command) and taking home over $8,127.00. Marianna Vazquez on Wimpy Little Tejano, (Wimpys Little Step x Tejana Chic x Smart Chic Olena) won the Derby’s Reserve Youth 14-18 Championship. Michael Garnett took the Championship in the Masters division and was Reserve Champion in the Prime time on Hollywood Nites, (Gunners Special Nite x Dun It For Chex x Hollywood Dun It).  Frederick Christen won the Derby Reserve Championship prizes in the Masters class on Xtra Prettycocktail, (Wimpyneedsacocktail x Prettywhizprettydoes x Topsail Whiz).

Everyone, including the spectators were feeling the pressure this year as the highly anticipated $130,000 Added Open Derby began Saturday afternoon. Riders noted, it is not easy to show in the big outdoor Bay Arena, the size alone encourages riders to run harder which can lead to mistakes, but then the big added money and the high caliber of horses and riders meant that everyone had to be on their ‘A’ game. The first two riders in the draw set the tone by scoring well, so Andrea Fappani knew that Chic Dreamin, (Magnums Chic Dream x Skeets Red Dunnit x Skeets Peppy), needed to hit every maneuver and that’s just what he did to take the Level 4 Championship with a score of 232.0!  “I really like this horse and this arena fit him. He had never been here. I don’t think he really knew he was being shown and that was good for him to be outside”. Andrea mentioned that he was happy and grateful that owners Silver Spurs Equine/Michael and Michelle Miola allowed Chic Dreamin to show and in turn, add a $32,490.00 win to the stallion’s lifetime earnings. As happy as Andrea was regarding his Derby win, he had to admit that, “he felt no greater joy than to share the winner’s circle with son Luca at the 2018 Reining by the Bay!”

Duane Latimer rode to a 231.0 score to take the Level 4 Reserve Championship on Modern Gun, (Gunners Special Nite x Taris Modern Design x Mr Boomerjac). Duane is a 2 Million Dollar Rider and “that guy scares me every time he shows!” said Tracer Gilson winner of the Level 3 Open Derby. Tracer marked a 228 on Loren Booth’s recently acquired horse, Diamonds Tinseltown, (Hollywoodtinseltown x Diamonds Sparklette x Genuine Doc). Tracer said he, “always thought the horse was cool and that he liked the fit immediately”. They sure proved that they make a good team by and doubling the horse’s Lifetime Earnings with the win. Martin Muehlstaetter scored a 227 to take the Level 3 Reserve title on Walla Walla Doll, (Walla Walla Whiz x Chics Baby Doll). In the Level 2 Limited, Sean Mc Burney won the Championship riding Tinker With Dreams, (Tinker With Guns x This Chics Dun Dreamin x Magnum Chic Dream) owned by Rhodes River Ranch.  Ricky Nicolazzi earned the Level 2 Limited Reserve Champion spot on Rancho Oso Rio LLC’s Dunnits Special Nite, (Gunners Special Nite x Dun It for Chex X Hollywood Dun It). Benny Maddox took the Level 1 Championship riding bill Coburn’s Thebettertohearuwith, (Spooks Gotta Whiz x Chex Out The Cowgirl x Lean With Me). Jesus (Chuy) Chavez won the Level 1 Reserve Championship on Woodys toy Gun, (Hollywoodstinseltown x Gunners Pearl x Gunner) for owner Karin DiNapoli.

Sunday’s events continued the action packed week with the popular Non Pro Maturity and the High Point Circuit Championship competitions in the Open and Non Pro Novice Horse, Youth classes, Rookie divisions and the Green As Grass and Green Reiner categories.

The theme of big winning sweeps continued in the $3,000.00 Added SmartPak Non Pro Maturity. The competition was tough to say the least. It took a score of 71.50 and a run-off before Debi Murnan and her mare, Jacs Red Pine, (Jacs Electric Spark x Shes Flamin Hot x Great Red Pine) emerged victorious winning the Level 4, 3, 2, 1 and Prime Time classes. She collected a great purse, five Gist Championship buckles, five trophies, five custom saddles, (three Silver Spurs Saddles by AM and two Bob’s Custom Saddles) and a gorgeous, Carlos Durarte Silver headstall. (Pictured at top of page) “I don’t think I can put into words how over the moon thrilled, grateful and walking on air I am about the Reining by the Bay Maturity. Just WOW, I am still in awe that my Tommy girl, (Jacs Red Pine), won the maturity.” Debi’s thank you list includes RBB’s awards sponsors, Brumley Management Group, Kim Yancey, Barbi and Mike Boyle, and of course her family for “putting up with my LOVE of horses and Reining.” Chandler Winard showed her talents by earning the Maturity Reserve Championships in the Level 4, 3 and 2 categories on Tags Golden Star, (Whiz N Tag Chex x Boogies Smart Star x  Smart Starbuck). Robin Schiller on Smart Like Steady, (Steady Tradition x Bar S Docs Gay Bar x Lenas Gyrator) and Carla Odetto on Wimpchester 73, (Wimpys Little Step x Whiz N darling x Topsail Whiz) tied for the Reserve Championship in the Level 1. Loren Booth was Reserve Champion in the Prime Time and captured the Championship in the Masters category on Taris Little Gunner, (Gunner x Taris Modern Design x Mr Boomerjac).  Jill Ramleth took home the Masters Reserve Championship awards on Juice N Silk, (Smart Like Juice x Silk N Sable Pine x Okie Paul Quixote).

The stiff competition in the Non Pro Rookie High Point Circuit ended with Sam J Stevens winning both the Level 1 and 2 Championships on Got Spooked, (Smart Spook x Custom Harmony). Sam took home money, prizes, two Gist buckles and a Bob’s Custom Saddle for his Level 2 win.  Rick Keele on Moonshine  N Juice, (Smart Like Juice x Wind Her Up Shiner x Shining Spark) earned the Reserve Championships in the Level 1 and 2 Rookie High Point as well as the Championships in the Prime Time and DRHA Rookie divisions.  The DRHA win landed him a beautiful Silver Spurs Custom Saddle.  Laetitia Loubser road Coronas In Hollywood, (Hollywood Dun It x Dont Miss This x Colonel Campbell) to a reserve High Point Championship in the Rookie Prime Time and Dana Pastorino took the DRHA High Point Reserve Championship on Jac Bee Whiz, (Conquistador Whiz x Cinch Up Cowboy x Master Cowboy Jac).

Warwick Schiller captured Championship Gist buckles on a horse he owns in the Novice Horse Open High Point Circuit Levels 1 and 2 on Shine Spook Shine, (Smart Spook x Ebony Shines x Shining Spark). While June Tabor took Reserve Champion in the NH L2 for Danny Meyer on Vaquero In A Mask, (Major Vaquero x Miss Glenda Jac x Crome Plated Jac) and Eric La Porte was Reserve Champion NH L1 for Nicole McDevitt on Blac Cromed Mercedes, (Cromed Out Mercedes x Miz Brown Velvet x Smart Chic Olena). Non Pro Sharon Gray topped everyone in the Level 1 and 2 Novice Horse Circuit competition on Conquistador Maker, by Conquistador Whiz.  Eileen Maxinoski was Reserve Champion in the Non Pro NH L2 on Boonlight Valentino, (Boonlight Dancer x Jewel In The Night x Grays Starloght) and Pamela Hurst was Non Pro NH L1 Circuit Reserve Champion on Rockn Roll Baby, (Spooks Gotta Whiz x Shiney CD x Shiners Lena Doc).

In the Youth 13 & Under class the Circuit Champion was Taylor Banks on AR Oakies Last Stand, (Starlights Wrangler x Okie Dokie Dunnit x Hollywood Dun It) and Margaret Chancellor was Reserve on Dunnit with A Shine, (Smart Shiner x Wwwdotdunnitdotcome x Hollywood Dun It). Shayla Schmida won the Championships in the Youth 14-18 and Unrestricted Youth classes on Concealed Gunman, (Gunner x The Green Jacket x Gallo Del Cielo). Her sister Julia Schmida was Reserve Champion in the Youth 14-18 and Unrestricted Youth on Tick Tic Boom, (Boom Shernic x Princess On The Prowl x High Brow Cat). The 10-Under Short Stirrup class Champion was McKylie Ivie.

More custom Gist buckles were won by Elizabeth Atkins who showed Almighty Chic, (Smart Chic Olena x Dun Dappled x Zans Diamond Sun) to wins in the Green As Grass and Green Reiner High Point Circuit classes, while Mick Fox on Nics Cashin Chex, (Big Chex To Cash x S Chexy Nic x Reminic) was the Green AS Grass Reserve High Point Champion and Isbella Huchings took the Green Reiner High Pint Reserve Championship on Wimpys Tonnob, (Wimpys Little Step x Powder Playgirl x Powder River Playboy).

Summing up the generous amount of positive RBB comments gathered was a pleasure. Darren Stancik from Monroe, Washington was reflecting on his week at the 2018 RBB saying, “What an honor to Judge so many great horses and riders. I think the Open Derby may be the best class, top to bottom, that I have ever judged”. Andrea Simons of Aubrey, Texas wrote, “What a great week! Beautiful weather, Wonderful venue, Amazing horses! Thankful to have been asked to judge such a fantastic event”.

Andrea Fappani may have said it best when he wrote, “Thank you Pat Warren, Amanda Brumley and the entire Brumley Management team for this outstanding event! It can’t get much better. A $100.K Added Level 4 Open Derby, 1st class outdoor production in an amazing part of the world! Let’s join forces and make sure venues like RBB continue to have success, grow and attract the best competition from around the Country!”

“This was the best Reining by the Bay ever!” exudes Pat Warren. “Having new sponsors like Paramount Network’s new series Yellowstone was special. Hopefully when people make plans for next year, seeing all the great comments from exhibitors on social media, they will put Reining by the Bay on their show schedules.” When asked, Amanda Brumley was emphatic when she thanked her small but mighty crew and the generosity of her sponsors. Rest assured, “We will continue to evaluate and strive to improve our productions for our participant’s positive experience. Reining by the Bay will return in 2019 with the big prize money and fabulous awards. Save the date July 22 – 28, 2019.”

Brumley Manage Group, LLC produces annually, four not-to-be missed, shows in premier locations. In addition to Reining by the Bay in Woodside, California each July, BMG also produces their March event, Cactus Reining Classic, Scottsdale Arizona, Bay Side Slide, Woodside, California in June and the world famous High Roller Reining Classic, Las Vegas, Nevada in September. For information contact Amanda Brumley at 602-677-3774 or email, [email protected]

Of course you can find all Brumley Events on Facebook.

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