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Someone has to do it.

You all have a website. It is so important that it properly represents your business. An “old website” with outdate information can give potential customers the message that “you aren’t keeping up”. Then your potential customer may think you can’t keep up with their work either.

So who is in charge of keeping the website updated at your business?

Take a few minutes to explore your own website and fix the gaps. We did a recent audit of our hosted websites and 20+ websites had an error that needed to be fixed, outdated content, or a confusing News blog update from 2007!

Just getting started with WordPress?
We’ve posted a handful of tutorial videos to help you. Visit

You are not alone.
If editing your website sounds painful, find someone you can pay to do it. Our mantra is “focus on your business” is intended to help your business be more profitable. This may be a perfect time to outsource.

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