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Remembering Breed Founder Neil Hinck


Breed founder Neil Hinck on “Little Blaze,” foundation sire of the Blazer Horse. Photo credit ABHA


As we head into the month of February we think of those we love: our husbands, wives, children, and extended family. As Blazer owners, we also have a special love for our horses. We are proud of our breed because of their athleticism, versatility and honesty. As most of us know Neil Hinck, the founder of our breed, passed away in 2009. 


Neil riding “Ali” in a parade, his last public appearance on horseback. Photo credit ABHA


This February marks the anniversary of his passing. I would like to encourage all Blazer owners to honor Neil this month by doing something that we all love to do anyway – ride!  If the weather does not permit riding, I would encourage any creativity to honor Neil by loving on your Blazer. Remember, it is because of Neil’s vision and perseverance in the establishment of the American Blazer that we are able to have the relationship we do with our horses. For more information about a special breed to love visit www.blazerhorse.com.


Published February 2013 Issue

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