TheraPlate Therapy Comes to Western Washington

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Two Northwest-based sisters, who share a passion for horses and dressage, have become the newest members of the TheraPlate Revolution distributor team. This allows equine professionals and riders better access to the innovative TheraPlate technology and product line throughout the Northwest states. The TheraPlate increases your horse’s performance while decreasing your vet bills by utilizing a proprietary four-zone Vortex Wave Circulation technology to provide horses, humans and even companion pets treatment and prevention of injuries and chronic conditions. Sound complicated? It’s not! The TheraPlate is natural, drug-free and impact free. Horses and humans simply stand (humans may lay down) on the machine for 10 to 15 minutes as the motors provide a concentrated stimulation to the whole body, which, based on more than 200 peer-reviewed clinical studies, increases circulation, bone density and muscle mass. The TheraPlate is effective in the treatment of navicular, laminitis, back pain, and wind puffs as well as muscle stiffness in horses. TheraPlate can be brought to you! To schedule an in-house demonstration, contact Kimberly Barber/Breanne Higginbotham through [email protected] or call (360) 870-9514.


Published February 2013 Issue

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