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Roxanne Baxter Offers All-around Training in Phoenix, Oregon

What is your name and location

Roxanne Baxter, BCR Horsemanship LLC in Phoenix, Oregon. Our ranch name is Baxter Creek Ranch.

Disciplines offered?

I’m an all-around trainer and riding instructor with an emphasis on kind horsemanship with no shortcuts to real communication, while using psychology and natural horsemanship techniques. I also use a foundation of dressage techniques in my work with horses geared toward barrel racing all the way to jumping and those for trail riding. I love starting horses under saddle and working with those who have had a difficult life and need to learn to trust again.

What breeds have you shown and/or trained?

I’m passionate about Paints and Quarter horses, but I grew up on Thoroughbreds. I now train a large variety of breeds.

How long have you been in the horse business?

20+ years.

What are your business goals?

My goals are to continue to help horses and people grow in their connection and partnership. I want to do as much as I can with the amount of time God has given me on this earth. I want to contribute to bringing joy, knowledge, trust, true understanding, faith, and the glory of God to the horse industry. 

Any special accomplishments or titles?

My accomplishments range from placing well in various competitions to receiving champion and reserve championship awards in multiple disciplines.

What’s your training philosophy?

My training philosophy is to work with the horses where they are. I want to have a true partnership instead of forcing horses into what needs to be done. I want to teach horses to trust humans and to know that we will truly learn to listen to how they speak to us. I want to understand them completely and move together in this dance of life while staying their safe leader. I want both horses and riders to enjoy each day together no matter if they are sitting in the pasture together or competing in the show ring.

What are your goals in training your own horses?

My goals are to create a beautiful partnership. I want to ride any discipline my horses enjoy. Our current horses are enjoying their days grazing as one is retired with navicular and the other one just enjoys being loved on.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (541) 951-9634

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