The World’s First 3D Printed Horse Trailer is Coming in 2023

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3D printing is rapidly evolving, and the possibilities this technology has are now impressive. This is why the dream of creating the first 3D printed trailer in the world will turn into reality in just a few months. Enter the SafeTack Reverse 2 Horse Bumper Pull Carbon Trailer.

Double D Trailers, a horse trailer manufacturer based in North Carolina, USA, developed the concept for this revolutionary product. The project is currently in its last testing phase, and a functional unit will be produced soon.

What Are the Advantages of 3D Printing Over Conventional Manufacturing?

3D printing boasts plenty of advantages, hence its growing popularity. Its numerous applications will probably reshape dozens of industries, including the horse trailer niche.

Here’s why this building process is the future:

  • Less carbon emissions: Thanks to the short build time and the lack of materials that need to be mined or processed, the construction of a 3D printed trailer will produce significantly less CO2 emissions, thus preventing global warming. In fact, 95% of the activities related to the production process of a 3D printed horse trailer produce zero carbon emissions.
  • Less pollution: The primary ingredient in the 3D printed horse trailer is polycarbonate (PC), which is made from renewable raw materials and pellets.
  • Faster production process: 3D printing a horse trailer in-house and assembling it before it’s ready to hit the road would be a much faster process when compared to building a conventional unit. Not only that, but there are fewer supply chain delays and limitations involved as well, meaning that horse owners would not need to wait for months before they take delivery of their new trailer.
  • High durability: Polycarbonate and carbon fiber are extremely durable materials, and they comprise most of the SafeTack Reverse 2 Horse Bumper Pull Carbon Trailer. PC in particular can last up to 30 years when taken care of properly.
  • Better design and zero manufacturing errors: With 3D printing, it’s easy to create a sleek and modern design without affecting or prolonging the build process. Additionally, there’s no conventional assembly line, meaning that there’s zero room for error. Instead, a computer prints the trailer while overseen by skilled engineers. A flawless design results in immaculate print – it’s as simple as that.

In today’s world, 3D printing a house or a bridge is possible. This is why it feels natural for a 3D printed horse trailer to join the show. Thanks to the effort and dedication of Double D Trailers, ONE/ONE Labs, and Loci Robotics, the first 3D printed horse trailer on the planet is launching in 2023 after more than a year of thorough research. Follow The Northwest Horse Source for updates on this exciting topic!

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