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What if the Northwest Horse Source provided a complete solution to getting your horse news in one place?

The Place to Get Regional Horse News


I am becoming more confused by the day with trying to keep up with all the local horse news. Have you noticed on Facebook that in order to find something you have to join quite a few horse groups just to keep up with everything? It can be frustrating, tiring and downright overwhelming. What if The Northwest Horse Source provided a complete solution to getting your horse news in one place?


The Northwest Horse Source Offers a Solution for our Region

Think about it…we have a print magazine, a digital magazine, a website, a Facebook Page, a community Facebook Group, an online events calendar, and a business directory. Could I do more as publisher of The Northwest Horse Source Magazine? Send me your suggestions and comments.


A Little NW Horse Source History

The Place to Get Regional Horse News
Dreaming of being a horse trainer in my early 20’s

Publishing The Northwest Horse Source Magazine has been my occupation for nearly 25 years. My passion is the horse industry and I live and breathe horses every day. Horses have been in my life since I was 10 years old. I tormented my parents until they gave in and bought me my first horse, Brandy. I have never been without a horse from that point on. Participation in 4-H got me dreaming of becoming a horse trainer.

In 1981 I attended Canyonview School of Horsemanship. Originally I was going to live my dream of being a horse trainer. Graduating with a Horsemaster’s Certificate, I headed home to become a trainer. Breaking out horses and re-schooling older horses was my first training gig for the dude string at a local ranch. Unfortunately, it didn’t pay well enough to support my horse habit so I ended up joining the corporate world, meanwhile always having horses in my life.

After working in the corporate world for 12 years I decided I wanted to start a newsletter. The Northwest Horse Source Magazine was born. Within 3 years after starting the magazine I was working it full-time. No experience, just the love of horses and amazing people to help me along my path to becoming a publisher.


The Decline of Print

Refusing to give in to the notion that print is dead, even though I realize the world of horses and how we consume information is changing, I still believe that The Northwest Horse Source has a place in our community. If it becomes an online only publication, so be it. We’re a ways from that happening so I will keep my eyes and ears open to the suggestions from viewers and readers.

Some things to consider:

  • Will we continue to support our local feed/tack stores?
  • How important is the knowledge and expertise of our local stores?
  • Do we see ourselves buying strictly online?


How Can NWHS Help?

The Place to Get Regional Horse News

Feedback from readers and viewers will help me shape the information provided in the magazine so let me know what you want to read about and hear about. Are you tired of trolling hundreds/thousands of groups for information and events? Why not let NWHS share your events using our online events calendar? If you do, I will commit to running the events in the magazine as well with sponsors or small fees to showcase your events.

I will provide a resource for clubs and organizations to share their news, celebrate member achievements and stories, announce events, thank sponsors and other facets of club membership. I am happy to create an affordable platform for clubs/organizations to let our community know who you are.

Did you know that we have an online business directory that has a FREE option? List your business, list your clubs, list any services that contribute to the horse industry. You can upload an image, share your mission, contact information, connect to social media, add SEO to be easily found online. Sound good?

Recently we created a Facebook group for The Northwest Horse Source Magazine where you can ask questions, share information or showcase an event. It is a place to bring horse people together without having to browse through hundreds of pages. Why not start of with some of these free services to build your business and your community?


How Can You Help?

In order for NWHS to become an even better resource for the Northwest we need your participation. Join our group. Share your community events, news, stories, ask questions, find riding partners and more. Faithfully using our online calendar, submitting your stories, joining our business directory and spreading the word, will help us become the best place to find what you’re looking for. Next, share our posts, join our Facebook Page for the latest news and article links, and please be sure to comment on the articles posted on our website.

Post Comments

You can support us by advertising in the magazine. We have created packages that include print, digital, web, email and social media so you’re hitting our readers and viewers a multitude of ways. Another way is to subscribe to the magazine. Have it delivered to your door. It’s inexpensive, convenient and you get consistent news and articles to help you care for your horse. Consider giving us a review on Facebook and Google. It really helps us out as well.

Lastly, sign up for our E-Newsletter. You’ll be entered automatically in our monthly drawings for terrific prizes such as event tickets, horse tack, supplements and other great horse care products and services.

I look forward to hearing from you and promise to consider your suggestions. Humbly, I am honored to have been serving my horse community for nearly 25 years. Have a great weekend and live your best horse life!
Quote: “The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones.” ~ John Maynard Keynes – 1883-1946 – Economist-Mathematician

Thank you for supporting the businesses that support The Northwest Horse Source

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