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Film Review: Documentary by Elsa Sinclair


wildThis film is the journey of one wild mustang straight off the range named Myrnah, a horse with her own mind, strength and independence. One trainer would use no tools, just body language and record the ups and downs, the trials and frustrations and, ultimately, the beauty of connection. There were many questions to answer along the way: If horses were given a choice and were not forced with tools or bribes would they let us ride them? Could a language be developed with a wild horse to convince her to volunteer to be ridden? The process begged to be documented and so, with a crew of amazing friends and supporters, it was. Learn more at tamingwild.com.

Editor’s Review: This documentary is less than an hour, homemade, without drama…and absolutely beautiful. Elsa was an accomplished horse trainer prior to this experiment and I was impressed with her humility and willingness to become a student again, embarking on a journey many professionals would laugh at. Her journey with Myrnah is simple yet moving. It proves, once again, that a horse has the most generous spirit and is looking for authentic connection without manipulation. Elsa said a few things that will remain with me. Speaking of training:“It was the moments of stillness that emphasized what worked.” Describing their bond: “We built a language based on feeling safe.” This film is available for $10 as a digital download or $20 in DVD format.


Published in June 2016 Issue

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