New Book Sheds Light on the Horse Whisperer, Monty Robert’s, Leadership Style

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Monty Roberts horse sense for leadersJuly, 2016- New York Times Best Selling author Monty Roberts is best known for his love of trust and collaboration with horses. It turns out that he is also a very engaging, collaborative leader as well. The new book, Horse Sense for Leaders: Building Trust-Based Relationships, available on Amazon, walks readers through Monty’s life as he developed his beliefs and skills.

“Monty was not treated the way he now treats horses and humans as a child,” commented co-author Dr. Susan Cain,” but adversity taught him lessons in how to collaborate with horses and humans, using trust instead of force as a fundamental principle of his work. Monty has often been quoted, saying that, No one has the right to say, “You must — or I will hurt you,” to a horse or human. We expand on his fundamentals in the book, drawing on interviews from people who have experienced him as a leader,” Cain concluded.

Find out more about the book, co-authored by Dr. Susan Cain and Monty’s daughter Debbie Roberts-Loucks here:

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