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Charlotte, North Carolina: On a beautiful sunny day, you head out to feed your horse. You notice an open gate, or a cut fence and your horse is missing. At first, you think you are not seeing things correctly, and you call to your horse. You are sure he must be behind a tree where you cannot see him. Your heart rate elevates, your respiration rate increases, you start sweating no matter the outside temperature, and you get that terrible burning sensation in the back of your throat. Your horse is GONE.

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In the moments after discovering your horse is missing, frantic phone calls and made and text messages sent. You post on Facebook hoping the power of the internet will speed the recovery of your horse. Someone on your post might comment to contact But, you wonder, what more can THEY do that you have not already done? The answer is–MORE than you ever thought they could.

One key difference between Facebook and is that your missing horse information is spread not only via the internet (many rural areas STILL don’t have access to internet services in their area) but also by many who print out the flyers and post them in feed stores, and co-ops. There are volunteers keeping their eye out for your horse at sales, in feedlots, at veterinary hospitals and in animal control yards. They are checking active and cold case reports against horses in auction yards, on Craigslist and at horse shows and events. They are making phone calls to horse people “in the know” in your area.

When a horse is lost, missing or stolen, time is critical. The longer a horse is missing the harder it is to locate that horse. While Facebook posts archive in timelines, your post on does not. Your report remains active on their website with a valid link. Your Horse’s Page is GROUND ZERO. “Cold cases” are revisited to keep your report, and your horse, in front of as many people as possible.

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Netposse’s Core Group has been in place for over 15 years. With the recent addition of a Case Manager Program, owner contacts and report verifications are quicker and more accurate. Your first contact with Netposse might be a case manager that replies to a request, report or post on their page or website. They are also looking at social media posts and internet posts about lost or missing horses and may reach out to you first. Case Managers help send NetPosse Alerts in their state, work with other case managers and monitor victim updates. In addition, they have a dedicated group of volunteers keeping their eyes open for your horse.

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In addition to providing assistance with recovery of Stolen and Missing Horses, Stolen Horse International provides fact based and educational articles of interest to horse owners across the world on our website at

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