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A Journey to a Horsemanship Philosophy

“In my eyes,” says former French international dressage competitor Alizée Froment, “dressage is the journey to perfect communication and absolute harmony between horse and rider.” Her own journey began on the backs of Shetland ponies and then found its way into jumping competitions and dressage arenas. Along the way, many horses entered and exited her life, each bringing with them a depth of personality that steadily built her understanding of the relationship a rider can build with an equine partner.

In her deeply personal and strikingly beautiful book, Froment traces her evolution as a horsewoman, a dressage competitor, and now a world-renowned performer and liberty trainer. Readers meet the ponies she learned on and the challenging mounts that helped her grow; those she immediately loved and horses she had to work to connect with—and eventually there were Mistral and Sultan who elevated her aspirations. It is with these two special souls that Froment explored riding the Grand Prix movements with only a neck rope and often bareback as well, demonstrating to the world the potential that’s there for all riders to enjoy if they are open to the experience and willing to take the time for it to evolve.

As tender as a story about riding, competing, and performing with horses at the highest levels can be, The Horses Who Made Me is a story of one woman’s personal journey and an inspiration for anyone who is forever striving for a better way of training horses, because of the profound beauty you just might find.

Published by Trafalgar Square Books. Purchase from or wherever books are sold. 

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