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LMF Super Dose Daily LMF Super Dose Daily now available


LMF Feeds Inc. LMF Super Dose Daily.Spokane, WA – 10/8/19 – LMF Feeds, Inc. recently announced the launch of its new supplement product, LMF Super Dose Daily. LMF Super Dose Daily is a concentrated vitamin and mineral supplement designed specifically for horses in the West.

“LMF Super Dose Daily is a great option for horse owners who want to feed only a supplement product for vitamins and minerals or maybe mix their own ration,” said Tiffany Towne, Brand Manager at LMF Feeds, Inc. “This product is different from our fortified feeds, but we wanted to give those horse owners shopping the supplement aisle an opportunity to experience the quality and superior nutrition that LMF has to offer.”

Bio-available and easy to feed
The benefit of LMF Super Dose Daily comes in the form of the ingredients being delivered. This product includes organic selenium, 100% chelated minerals and natural vitamin E. In this form, these key nutrients are better absorbed and used by the horse, allowing for optimum benefits. The micro pellet is easy to feed and extremely palatable, and with a feeding rate of only 2 oz. per day, the 4 lb. bag of LMF Super Dose Daily equates to a 30 day supply.

LMF Super Dose Daily Availability
LMF Super Dose Daily is available at local LMF retailers and you can get more details on the product at www.lmffeeds.com.

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