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Can Children Ride and Shoot?

By: Jennifer Burnell


Wranglers that competed at the Sedro Wooley shoot on July 23. Josie Nagle, Jaelyn VanValkenburg, Levi Shaw, Luke Eide, and Carissa Kirk. Photo courtesy of WWMS.

Are children allowed to participate in Cowboy Mounted Shooting? The answer is yes… and no. The “Wrangler” Class exists for children under 12 years of age. Wranglers ride the same pattern that the adults do, but they do not shoot real guns or blanks while riding the course. They may shoot toy cap pistols and engage each target as if they were shooting real blanks. After riding the courses, the Wranglers do shoot real 45 blanks at balloons, from the ground and under close adult supervision.

If you are interested in learning more about our sport or watching an event search Facebook for WESTERN WASHINGTON MOUNTED SHOOTERS (all caps), or contact Jennifer Burnell (facebook or [email protected])

Upcoming events: Oct 12-15 World Championship in Amarillo Texas.


Published October 2016 Issue

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