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I was interested in the Mountain Trail Challenge type of shows. I would like to actually see a show to see if it’s something that would be of interest to myself and my husband. We ride backcountry. Are there any shows online that we could watch?







I personally do not compete in the Mountain Trail Challenge-type competitions. We do a lot of great trail riding in the real mountains during our clinics here in eastern Oregon, and I have a number of clients who truly enjoy the competitions. One very well known challenge happens just down the road from us at Eastern Slope Ranch, just outside of Baker City, Oregon. You might want to contact Leslie at Eastern Slope, as I am sure she has some great video footage.

I also just searched on-line for Mountain Trail Horse Competitions, and got quite a few examples of video. http://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search;_ylt=A0oGdM9J9ZRRRBYARAwPxQt.?p=mountain+trail+horse+competitions&fr=&fr2=piv-web&hspart=FreeCause&hsimp=yhs-shopathome_001&type=100973

Please note that I did not watch all of these, and am not endorsing any.

Hope this helps you and your husband get a feel for the event. If you are looking to develop a way to prepare for these, we’d love to see you at a T&T Horsemanship “Trail” clinic. One with cows and mountains is coming up June 28 – 30, and another just focusing on trails and obstacles is July 20 – 22nd. Visit us on-line, (www.tnthorsemanship.com) or even better, give us a call so we can meet over the phone. Email: [email protected] or 541-856-3356 or 541-519-7234.


Happy Trails!


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