Three Mustangs Meet their Students, Dreams Come True at Stonewater Mustangs

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That moment when you realize you are living a dream happened for us here at Stonewater Mustangs a few weeks ago. It was a Monday evening. Much like most Mondays here, we were in the arena with the Wild Hearts students. As we stood in the round pen, three Mustang geldings attached to three teen girls by halter and lead, we had that dream-come-true moment.

Jackson, Dally, and Milo have each been placed with a student to be partners for eight weeks together. Mustangs, teens, and ministry all coming together was a dream Ken and Dorothea first discussed four years ago. Even before then, small (and large) pieces were being put in place for this moment. Education, experience, facility, support network, vision, plan, goals; all had to be in place.

This moment reminded me of how God is always “before”. God is before our dreams. Before our plans. Before the big move. Before the devastating news. Before the change.

Because God knows exactly what is coming, what will be needed, and what will no longer serve us best. And so God goes before; to bring us to these moments of dreams-come-true.

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