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Times of Change and Moments to Treasure

April & Karen warming up at Coastal EquineEvery day as I walk out to feed my horse I’m thankful for living in such a super generous community. My horses help me appreciate the simple things in life. Just smelling them every day keeps me grounded. Life looks so different right now. I don’t ride as often as I should, but now it’s been nearly 3 month since I’ve been on my horse. My last ride was November 19th, at the ranch sorting in Lynden. I remember being blown away by the number of sorters; I sure miss the companionship of my horse and the socializing at horse events.

Lately, my time has been consumed with learning all the things Mark took care of before his stroke including: home finances, business shipping and accounting. This is combined with his care giving. I’m not complaining. I’m so happy he’s still with me, but I feel bad I don’t have a chance to respond to every generous, thoughtful card or email. I hope that sharing a few thoughts now will communicate some of my gratitude for the wonderful horse peeps in my life.

Our Church (Christ the King in Bellingham, WA) has given generously to help us through this. Close friends and family have donated food, horse care, paid for dog kenneling, vehicle repairs, building materials and labor for the home modifications that have to be made. Not to mention the hugs once in a while! The charity events were so unexpected and, again, I am so grateful for all the contributions from hosts and attendees of these events. I can’t begin to mention everyone that’s contributed.

Because of this hardship, it’s been so much easier to see things to be thankful for. Health is so important; it’s scary when you lose physical abilities. As I creep past the big 50 I’m aware of my mortality in new ways. Seeing my husband go through all the trauma of hospitalization has been life changing. People in the health care profession are saints. There were so many wonderful doctors and nurses through this experience. I’m always fearful of opening the day’s mail and encountering a new medical bill, but each time I go to the post office there’s also a card or letter that lifts my spirits.

Mark is improving physically. His speech and cognitive ability has been affected the most, but that is coming around. Therapy really makes a difference. He is able to work at different tasks, but still requires a lot of sleep. We are so incredibly blessed by all of you helping us through this—thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

“Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world.”~ Miyamoto Musashi

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