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A Time for Reflection

By Stonewater Ranch Staff


Photo Courtesy Stonewater Ranch

We had planned to bring our first Stonewater Mustangs onsite in December. The timing was all arranged. Go pick out horses, bring them home, and they would be mostly halter trained and “gentled” before Dorothea, our head trainer, takes maternity leave in February.

We made one last call to the Burns, Oregon BLM horse corrals to confirm our arrival to pick up two geldings.

“I wouldn’t make that trip if I were you,” we were told by the BLM agent. At the time, Burns only had two geldings in their pens, and those geldings did not fit the criteria we want for our first Stonewater Mustangs.

We began problem solving. We don’t need lots of horses; just the right two. What if those two geldings, though they appear to not exactly fit what we had in mind, are exactly the ones we are supposed to have? After some discussion, we opted to call the Boise, Idaho facilities and see what they might have available. Boise had only one gelding.

After talking it over and trying to figure out how to make something happen, we stopped and prayed.

We have not yet received our first mustangs. We’re using this time to reflect and discover. Come springtime, Dorothea will be back at work consistently and the weather will be more conducive to horse work. The mustangs will receive more attention and training during the summer months. Our hearts are open, and we are listening.


Published March 2019 Issue

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