Seeing Your Horse’s Pain Using Veterinary Thermography

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October 2014Is your horse in pain, lame or suffering from a “mystery condition?” Are you frustrated because your horse is not in an optimal state of health and no one knows why?

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI), or thermography, in veterinary applications is an advanced, medical grade, non-invasive and sedation-free technique designed for early detection of lameness and hard-to-diagnose cases of injury and disease. Animals avoid unnecessary discomfort during the screening process and are able to return to a healthy state and optimal performance sooner.

For owners, veterinarians and trainers: Use the valuable information gained from infrared imaging for a faster and more accurate diagnosis leading to a more effective treatment at a significantly lower cost. Additionally, this is a mobile screening application that can be deployed directly on the farm or in the stables, thus further reducing the overall cost and time spent on treatment. Moreover, infrared imaging is a completely safe method. Therefore, it can be repeated as frequently as needed in both medical and pre-purchase scenarios.

Conditions that thermography can help locate and assess include: sprains and strains, infections, musculoskeletal injuries (hard and soft tissue), stress fractures, saddle fit and neurological dysfunctions.

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