Purina Introduces SuperSport™ Supplement for Faster Muscle Recovery

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July 2014Purina Animal Nutrition recently introduced SuperSport™ amino acid supplement, a scientifically formulated amino acid formula proven to support equine performance and overall fitness. Purina developed the proprietary formula on its 1,200-acre nutrition research farm, where it demonstrated the ability to support muscle recovery, increase exercise capacity and support muscle development. In a controlled 56-day study, horses received either SuperSport™ supplement or an identical level of protein from alfalfa pellets. Horses on SuperSport™ supplement saw significant improvements in key measures that are critically important to top equine athletes, including: faster muscle recovery, increased exercise capacity, supported muscle development and maintained optimal performance.

“At the highest level of competition, the smallest advantage can give you the edge needed,” said Beezie Madden, two-time team jumping gold medalist and Purina Ambassador. “So, endurance, muscle recovery and strength all play a part in being more successful than your competitors.”

To learn more about Purina and this exciting new supplement visit: purinamills.com and supersportready.com


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