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Energy Healing for Everyone

by Liza Burney


October 2017
Photo courtesy Liza Burney

When I first heard about energy healing I was skeptical. It was completely outside my Western medicine comfort zone. I was between a rock and a hard place, as my M.D. was not offering any real solution to my medical situation; I was basically just going to have to “live with it.” So when I went to a Pranic healer and my symptoms disappeared after six sessions, I knew I had to learn more.

After taking the training and having some real success using Pranic healing on myself and my family, my attention turned to my animals. Maybe I could use this energy stuff on my horse. And so the journey began.

Energy healing really isn’t as far out as most people think. If you’ve had acupuncture or done yoga, you’ve received energy healing. Pranic healing is often referred to as acupuncture without needles. The basic premise is that we have a vital essence that animates us, called “chi,” or “ki” (like in reiki), or “prana.” When this energy is strong, the body has a very powerful capacity to heal itself. When it is weak, not so much. Pranic healing is basically a series of techniques that anyone can learn to provide extra energy “fuel” for the body, for both people and animals.

Pranic healing works on all systems of the body, both physical anatomy and energy anatomy. Of particular interest is the respiratory system protocol for cleansing the lungs, especially with all the smoke this summer. When I use Pranic healing on a horse who is experiencing an illness or injury, the first step is to scan or evaluate the horse’s energy. This shows me where the energy is weak and out of balance.

Now I know what you’re thinking — I can’t do that. Well, neither could I, but I learned! Feeling the energy is a skill that anyone can learn. It is the first thing we do at our clinics. Be prepared to be amazed.

October 2017
Photo courtesy Liza Burney

After mapping out the energetic imbalances, the next step is to rebalance and strengthen the energy. Pranic healing uses a series of no-touch techniques to accomplish this. We literally use energy to balance energy, so there is no need for physical contact. This is what makes Pranic healing so unique. Local sweeping is the first technique that we learn and practice in our clinics: clearing the old energy out. And because thoughts and emotions are energy as well, Pranic healing is very effective for issues like trauma and fear.

I worked on a 27-year-old warmblood who had been left alone in a field one day and basically freaked out. He started head-shaking the next day. A limited vision fly mask didn’t help, nor did supplements, mostly because this wasn’t a physical issue. It was trauma-based. I used Pranic healing to clear the trauma energy, and after 30 days, no more head shaking.

Are you interested in learning more? Want to add some skills to your toolbox in order to support and strengthen your horse’s wellness? These same skills can also support recovery from an injury or illness as an adjunct to your standard veterinary care. It’s the best of both worlds.

Come to my Equine Energy Healing Clinic on October 21, 2017 in Olympia, WA. You’ll learn how to feel your horse’s energy and practice some powerful techniques to strengthen the energy. Your horse will thank you!



“I took the Level 1 Pranic course from Liza Burney in the spring of 2014. It has been a gift for me and my horses. I use the skills I learned in the course every day! My horses love the energy work and it has allowed me to detect and treat subtle health issues before they developed into problems that would prevent me from riding.” – K.L., Portland, OR.

“My 8-year-old horse experienced chronic lameness issues. He has received standard veterinary care, as well as heavy-metal detox, nutritional support, acupuncture, chiropractic, and herbs; but the lameness persisted. He still had an extremely stiff walk in the hind end that prevented him from being ridden. After one Pranic healing session with Liza, this gelding walked off fluidly—no stiffness at all. And months later, he’s still looking good.” – A.N., OR


Originally Published October 2017 Issue

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