PonyW’air® A New Direction for Hoof Protection

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If your horse needs shoes then your horse needs PonyW’air® shoes. Developed in America, manufactured in America, PonyW’air® gives your horse the newest and best of support, protection, and comfort. If your horse is an athlete or a hard worker or has special hoof health needs, you owe it to him or her to investigate PonyW’air®. PonyW’air® provides a shoe that is 3 times lighter than steel, flexes, supports, and works with your horse’s hoof.

Just as you wouldn’t play hoops, jog, or hike without appropriate footwear, neither should your horse. Don’t send your equine partner out to work or compete wearing the equivalent of last century’s heavy ridged steel-toed boots. Give them the advantage of light, flexible, comfortable footwear. Give them PonyW’air®.

Ask a professional, ask your farrier about PonyW’air®. Learn how your partner can benefit from 21st century innovation. Discover how much better your horse can be. Discover PonyW’air®. It’s just that simple! Look us up at www.ponywair.com.


Published June 2014 Issue

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