Stonewater Ranch: Pain is Never Wasted

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Finding Freedom through Christ at Stonewater Ranch


We’ve all seen that look on a teen’s face; that look of brokenness and a “hard to love” attitude. Sometimes, it’s a downright bad attitude and all because they’re hurting inside. When meeting Samantha* for the first time, several years ago, you would never know the pain and hardships she had endured in her short life. Instead of hiding away in a bitter shell, she brings life and joy when she comes to Stonewater Ranch. How could such a sweet teen be so free after all she has been through? The answer is simple: God. She accepted Christ into her life several years back and I had the pleasure of baptizing her in our Beaver Creek that flows through the ranch. Each year she rides her beloved Showbiz (our Arabian) and I look forward to having her join us again in 2015.


Pain is never wasted. God has a purpose for it and will someday use it for His glory and our good. Sometimes it is our darkest days that allow us to relate to and help someone else who is going through the same thing. Everyone needs hope, the real hope found in Jesus. The everlasting hope of freedom in what He did for us on the cross. I know that one day Samantha will be able to help others who have gone through painful situations similar to hers. To find out more about the ranch visit or call 509-763-3161.

*name changed for privacy

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