Outbreak Alerts: September 20, 2023 West Nile Virus in Ada County, ID

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Confirmed Case(s) – No Quarantine

Source: State Department of Agriculture

Number Confirmed: 1
Number Suspected: Unknown 
Number Exposed: Unknown
Age: 3
Gender: Gelding
Clinical Signs: Acutely ataxic, 103 fever, muscle fasciculations.
Confirmation Date: 9/20/2023
Horse Status: Unknown
Vaccination Status: Unknown

Number Confirmed: 1
Number Suspected: Unknown
Number Exposed: Unknown
Age: 7
Gender: Mare
Onset of Clinical Signs: 9/19/2023
Clinical Signs: Suddenly found down and unable to rise yesterday late evening, was found in sternal position. Client attempted to administer mineral oil orally due to suspect colic. We were able to get the mare standing after several assisted attempts. Showed bilateral hind end weakness, mild hind end ataxia, somewhat hyper esthetic. Normal rectal temperature (99.9*F), good appetite and passing manure. No visible injuries except some scleral hemorrhaging. Occasional muscle fasciculations and would hold head/neck stretched out away from body. Not vaccinated this year, likely never vaccinated per owner. Mare is nursing a 4 month old foal and is possibly 2 months pregnant.
Confirmation Date: 9/20/2023
Horse Status: Affected And Alive
Vaccination Status: Unvaccinated

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