NoSweat is Changing the Way the World Sweats One Hat at a Time

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Playing sports, working hard, or just walking around town can lead to breaking out in a sweat that interferes with your activities. Getting sweat in your eyes or having it roll down your face can throw off your whole game, ruin your makeup and is just generally annoying. NoSweat has created the first disposable performance liners for hats, helmets, hard hats, and visors that absorb sweat instantly while preventing odors, stains, and even acne.

NoSweat thin liners simply peel and stick to the inside of headwear and feature SweatLock technology engineered to instantly absorb sweat. Moisture is locked inside the liner to help prevent dripping sweat, fogging, sweat stains, acne and odor. Depending on the person and activities being performed, each liner can last anywhere from one round of golf to two weeks of standard hat usage. The liners also preserve hats and keep the inside looking as fresh as the day it was bought.

NoSweat is a 100% American made company. Liners are available for hats, helmets, hardhats and visors. For more information and to purchase liners visit

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NWHS Publisher’s Review: My husband used this in his ball cap for several months and found it really helped by keeping the sweat off his face when working outside. It helps reduce the heat from wearing a hat and seems to really absorb excess moisture. Easy to install, remove, and replace. Great for cowboy hats, ball caps, riding helmets, and more. This product works!


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