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Hoof Clay®Often horses develop cracks, holes, and fissures in their hooves that leave an opening for small pieces of sand, gravel, or other foreign objects to enter. It can happen when hooves are trimmed or shod. I’ve often wished for something I could put in those open spaces that would stay put. Life Data® Hoof Clay® is a non-caustic antimicrobial clay that easily packs and remains in place for extended periods of time. It is –

  • Effective against bacterial and fungal organisms that lead to white line disease, crumbling hoof horn, wall separations, and thrush.
  • Excellent for application under shoes and hoof pads, and for old nail holes and hoof wall separations.
  • When applied under the shoes at each reset it helps protect the white line from microbial invasions.
  • Non-irritating and safe to apply without gloves.

You can find more information about Life Data® Hoof Clay®, find a dealer, or order online by visiting Life Data Labs online at:


Published November 2016 Issue

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