New & Noteworthy: The United States Pony Clubs Adds Western Dressage Certification Track

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In response to the popularity and growth of Western Dressage, The United States Pony Clubs, Inc. (USPC) has added a new Western Dressage certification track. The new track allows riders interested in Western Dressage to specialize in this discipline and earn certifications starting at the beginner level (D-2) and progressing up to the intermediate level (C-2). Soon, USPC hopes to add more advanced levels (also called national-level certifications) to Western Dressage. The USPC Western Dressage certification track aligns with the Dressage track while reflecting the Western Dressage Association of America’s (WDAA) test expectations.

In 2012, USPC added a general Western certification track at the D-2 through C-2 levels (beginning through intermediate). This was originally geared towards Western Trail, Western Riding, and Reining. Over time, this track has remained the same except for the removal of references to Reining.

Western Dressage is accessible to any horse breed and all types of riders, and it would be easy for anyone already doing dressage to cross over into Western Dressage. To learn more about getting started in Western Dressage with Pony Club visit

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