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Essential Enrichment for Happy Equines

By Amanda Goble

Today, horses are thought of as family members, athletic partners, teachers, and therapists. Most of us do our best to give them all the benefits that domestic life can offer such as comfortable stalls, carefully prepared and regular meals with vitamins and supplements, top-notch veterinary and hoof care, and even regular bodywork. So why do so many horses struggle with health, behavioral, and training problems?

In her groundbreaking book, animal enrichment specialist and zookeeper Amanda Goble shows readers what’s missing from the modern horse’s life: enrichment and boredom-relief. By giving equines the crucial natural behaviors, stimulation, and enriching experiences they crave, we can change their lives for the better.

No Bored Horses explains why unique equine behaviors matter to horses and how today’s style of equine care makes it impossible for horses to behave like horses, resulting in vices and behaviors that are in essence a cry for help. 

Chock full of engaging illustrations, diagrams, and charts, plus color photographs and instructions for more than 30 toys, puzzles, and experiences attainable for all equestrians regardless of level of experience or size of budget, Goble’s book promises every horseperson can afford to make her recommended changes and ultimately improve a horse’s life. Readers will also find valuable advice for the most challenging situations, like extended stall rest and quarantine.

Published by Trafalgar Square Books. Purchase from or where other books are sold. 

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