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The Horse Owner’s Guide to Farriery and Hoof Care

Image Courtesy Horse and Rider Books

By Steven Kraus with Katie Navarra

Horses’ hooves are integral to their overall health, their athletic ability, and ultimately, their longevity. But not all horses are the same. The individual needs of each horse require an understanding of responsible, informed hoofcare on the part of the owner, rider, or trainer. This highly illustrated guide by one of the world’s leading minds in farriery provides an unparalleled look at advances in shoeing and general hoof maintenance. It’s goal is to help owners to comprehend the “whys” of certain choices, recognize variations in shoeing options, and become better consumers of horseshoes and horseshoeing.

Steve Kraus, Head of Farrier Services at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and instructor at the Cornell Farrier School, is uniquely qualified to provide a varied and thorough exploration of hoof-related topics including equine conformation, to shoe or not, types of horseshoes, shoe loss, farrier training (how to find a good one and what you should expect), horse handling for shoeing, and more. With plenty of adventures from the road and lessons learned, Kraus provides a guide that is not only massive in value, but it’s entertaining to boot!

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NWHS Editor’s Review: 

This is an excellent book to have on your bookshelf as a reference. With precise writing and clear illustrations and photographs, it covers most of the hoof-health and farrier issues you will encounter as a horse owner and will help you make more informed decisions and have more thoughtful conversations with your farrier. 

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