Manna Pro Introduces New Vitality Supplement for Horses!

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Manna Pro® Products LLC, the maker of the trusted Calf-Manna® animal supplement, has just introduced Horse-Manna, a new vitality supplement exclusively for the nutritional requirements of the equine market. According to Jason Bachert, Vice President of Manna Pro Retail Sales, the new Horse-Manna formulation is intended to complement existing Manna Pro products, but not replace them. “As we developed Horse-Manna, we started with the proven science behind Calf-Manna, and added several additional features specific to equine health,” he says.

Bachert says Horse-Manna should not replace Calf-Manna on retailers’ shelves; it simply gives them an option designed specifically for equine customers. “Our new vitality supplement offers horses what they need, and owners a name they can trust, all from one retail location,” he says.

Manna Pro says Horse-Manna provides nutritional differences that horse owners will be able to see for themselves. In addition to vitamin and mineral fortification that promotes overall health and well-being, Horse-Manna also contains flax and linseed meal for a healthy, shiny coat, and high quality proteins for optimum growth and muscle development. The formula is anise-flavored for palatability, and has yeast cultures and other microbials that aid digestion. It is formulated for horses of all ages and stages of activity, and includes supplemental fats for healthy weight gain. Horse-Manna sells at a price that is 25% to 50% less than competitive vitality products and contains the same or better nutrition. It is available now:


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