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Does it really mean we have to give up?


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Some days are just harder than others. For the 2nd time this week I’m sitting in the ER with my husband. The doctor’s just cannot seem to figure out why his stomach won’t work. The past two years have been exhausting and a realization that life is too short to wait for things to get better. I just need to make some decisions about how we want to live the rest of our lives.

Now I know my husband would rather stay where we’re at but I’m feeling like it’s my turn to live the rest of my dream. I do have a dream job and love what I do. It certainly doesn’t mean it’s easy, it just means it’s fulfilling. The second part of this is making enough of an income to live in a different place. Traditional wisdom is to pare down, get conservative and live as inexpensively as possible. Naysayers croak, “After all, you’re getting older…. how many more years do you think you will be riding?”

What? Did I hear that right? I’m going to be riding until I can’t walk anymore. Don’t they have retirement ranches? Maybe they should? Either way, I’m not quite ready to throw in the towel. I think when you lose hope you lose your life. What’s the point if you have nothing to live for? Life is constantly changing. I believe we need to change with it but keep our values.

10 acre piece of land that may be a possibility to purchase. Sumas mountain nearby, lots of trails within short ride.

Yes, as we get older it gets a little harder to get financing. It may even be more difficult to do a lot of things but why shouldn’t we get creative and find a way? Some days I admittedly lose sight of my vision. Daily crises, unexpected events, bills, you name it…these things happen to everyone. BUT I always try to keep my eye on the prize.

As I was sitting looking at a 10 acre piece in an ideal location all the buts seem to creep in; in contrast how can we live our lives to the fullest if we never try? I’m envisioning a conservative but nice barn/home in an area where I can trail ride to my heart’s content. There’s always going to be a reason not to. It’s just a matter of how bad we want to change and live out our dreams. I say, “Never give up!”

Keep following me on this adventure. You never know where it will end up!


Quote: Everything that you will ever need to accomplish any goal that you will ever set is sitting & waiting patiently inside of you. ~ Author Unknown

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