LG Zaum Bitless Bridle: Popular European Bridle Now Available in the U.S.

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The LG Zaum® bitless bridle system, developed in Germany by classical dressage rider and trainer, Monika Lehmenkühler, is now available in the United States through the NWNHC Store. Monika developed this bridle for a horse with dental issues who could not be ridden in a bit. She needed something that gave her the refinement, collection and feel of a bit without using one. The LG Zaum bitless bridle system is the culmination of this development. According to many European horse journals, the LG Bridle is now the most popular and practical bitless bridle on the global market. After many years of practical usage it has established itself in all sectors of equitation, including Olympic gold medalists and European trainers. Bitless bridles can be gentler on horses, providing clear, effective communication with no pain or risk of oral injury. Collection can be reached with total comfort for the horse. According to studies conducted on the affects of bits on the horse, over 40 diseases and 200 behavioral problems can be caused by the use of a bit. The LG Zaum bitless bridle system consists of a six-spoked metal wheel that connects headstall, noseband and chinstrap to add some leverage. It feels like a bit in the rider’s hands, but is gentler on the horse. You can ride completely without leverage or create different levels of leverage. For more information on bitless riding and bridles, visit http://bitlessriding.org/. To find out more about the LG Zaum bridle, go to: http://shop.NWNHC.com


Published January 2013 Issue

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