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A new concentrated Colostrum, Probiotic and Vitamin Supplement for newborn foals is now available from Kaeco Group, Inc. The first thing every healthy foal needs to thrive is the maternal antibodies and protein only available from mother’s colostrum. When Mom won’t cooperate, or you just want to supplement, reach for Kaeco’s Foal Colostrum Oral Gel. It’s packed with everything a foal needs to thrive. It takes over where Mom leaves off. Foal Colostrum Oral Gel contains concentrated colostrum for maternal antibodies & protein, probiotics (lactobacillus microbials) to help establish healthy digestive function in newborn and young foals and vitamins & selenium for good health and immune system support. Kaeco’s Foal Colostrum Oral Gel is an easy-to-administer 30 ml dial-a-dose tube that provides three doses per tube. Available in a 30 ml tube – 12 tubes per case. To find out more about this product visit www.kaeco.com.


Published April 2012 Issue

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