Invisible Hand Shield and Sun Protection for Equestrians

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An equestrian’s hands are often put through the ringer spending the day at the stables. Constantly gripping reins and spending long hours cleaning stalls or grooming horses can cause hands to quickly become calloused and cracked, even with gloves on. And when you mix in the seasonal dry heat and constant handwashing and sanitizer usage due to COVID-19 you are left with sore mitts that can make it difficult to do your daily tasks and activities.

Before and after spending the day at the stable, protect and heal your hands with Gloves In A Bottle SPF 15. The shielding lotion bonds with the skin to make a protective layer that lasts up to four hours and its unique formula helps rebuild the skin so it can hold its own natural oils and moisture again while reducing skin irritation from over washing and overuse.

Gloves In A Bottle also contains SPF15 to help prevent sunburn during those long hours outdoors and won’t leave your hands greasy like other lotions so you can continue to have a firm grip on your equipment. Visit for more information.


NW Horse Source Publisher’s Review: I found this pleasantly scented lotion great for the outdoors. It kept my arms and hands protected from the sun. It hydrated my dry skin and wasn’t greasy. This product is made in the USA and certainly a product I would recommend for the outdoor horse person.


Published in the August 2020 Issue:

August 2020


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