Horse Trek Program Teaches Youth Responsibility

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For over 75 years the Scouts have provided horsemanship opportunities for youth. Of the high adventure programs that exist out there the Horse trek is second to none.

Scott Depaolo, Director of the Cascade Pacific Council’s horsemanship program leads dozens of youths across the Cascade Range each summer to move his herd of horses from Butte Creek Scout Ranch, to Camp Baldwin. Out in the mountains and home on the ranch, he’s teaching much more than horsemanship.

The horse trek teaches youth and adults about being responsible for another life, as you feed your horse before yourself, and learn to give basic health examinations before and after your daily travel.

You learn to be a leader, among your peers and as the leader of your horse. You must have confidence and dedication to master the art of keeping a horse between you and the ground.

You learn to switch out of “people time” and into “horse time”, an often lost art in this fast paced, digital world.

Waking up for your shift of Night Watch gives you an opportunity to gaze at the stars and feel the honor of keeping the herd, and your friends, safe through the night.

For me, the biggest lesson I learned from Scott Depaolo and the horse trek was that no matter how challenging something seems, the victory of accomplishing your goals is always worth the sacrifice.

Help keep this program alive for another 75 years by supporting the Cascade Pacific Council’s Horse Programs today.

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