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New language weaponizes the Horse Protection Act against innocent horse owners and will devastate the horse industry.

New language weaponizes the Horse Protection Act against innocent horse owners and will devastate the horse industry.

It encompasses ALL Breeds of Horses

Federal Lawmakers Need to Hear from You

Animal extremist groups are attempting to expand the federal Horse Protection Act in order to exert their control over the entire horse industry. It will give an unelected “Horse Protection Inspector” and APHIS officials control over every aspect of the care you provide your horse and your activities.

If they get their way, the Horse Protection Act will apply to any horse that is being shown, exhibited, or entered into a sale or auction.

Egregious Regulations

  • Your horses will be inspected at every horse show, exhibition, sale or auction by an unelected federal official with the title, “Horse Protection Inspector”.
  • Your personal information, information about your farm or ranch, information about your horse and your trainer and veterinarian will be kept on file for every single event you attend and will be submitted to APHIS and the USDA.
  • Your horses can be detained and removed from your custody for 24 hours by the Horse Protection Inspector.
  • Your horses’ legs will be examined with a fine tooth comb, any blemishes, moisture, edema, cuts, abrasions, or scar tissue will subject you to a violation of federal law and disqualification.
  • You will be restricted from applying fly spray or any other grooming products to your horse’s legs.
  • If you win your class, your horse will be subjected to reinspection, and if your horse happens to clip itself, or get a rub from a boot, you will be disqualified.
  • Horse show and event management will have layers of paperwork to comply with.
  • If a Horse Protection Inspector is not available on the dates of your show or event, you will have to apply for a variance at least 15 days ahead of time.
  • Your horse will not be allowed to receive any therapeutic care at a horse show, exhibition, sale or auction unless it is performed by a veterinarian. This includes salt water baths, cryotherapy, massage, chiropractic adjustments, PMF and more.
  • If your horse requires some therapeutic or preventive treatment or medication, complete veterinary medical records must be submitted to the Horse Protection Inspector along with treatment schedule and prognosis.

Full Summary Available on Our Western Justice Legislative Fund Website

We have carefully dissected the language and created a document highlighting the most egregious regulations. It is up on our website, along with a link to the 129-page document which has been submitted to the federal government.

At the minimum, you must take the time to read the information we have provided so you know what the result will be if you decide to ignore this and to not get engaged.



Become a member of Western Justice, and donate more if you can.

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The language has just been submitted and the comment process to the federal government and policy makers has opened. Comments are recorded and weighed. We will have some sample comments for you to follow but they must be in an original format. Keep in mind, you do not have to write an essay, you just need to provide your name, why you are a stakeholder and that you wholly object to the new proposed language.


We have set up a petition on our Rural America in Action platform

Petition hosted by Rural America in Action.
Both Western Justice 501(c)3 and Rural America In Action are dedicated to protecting rural America in several different ways, from educating the public to helping raise funds after a natural disaster.

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Western Justice Legislative Fund is a Non-Profit, 501(c)(4) Corporation
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Western Justice Legislative Fund Website

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