How is this Horse’s Conformation?

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How is this horse’s conformation?
Breed: Mustang
Age: 8 YO
Want to use for trail riding
Looking for feedback on the horse. Please feel free to give us your input. We’d love to know your thoughts


conformation conformationconformation conformation



Hi Michele,

This is a nice looking mustang, stocky body with sturdy legs. Not knowing how his feet are or how he moves, I think he would make an excellent trail horse. Conformation on this horse is very nice big shoulder, deep girth, his hind quarters are nice and large, his downside is that his head will be high and will take some work to teach him to put it down and collect. Also at his current weight his withers are a little flat or their just hidden by good food. Low withers make saddle fit and security difficult, but conditioning and exercise will help. If I was looking for a mustang this is the type of horse I would be looking for.

Thanks Brent

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