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Borrowed Horse Provides Relaxation

It’s easy to fill up your days with busy work. I’m often too busy for horse time, but thanks to my neighbor, Cymmie, I have a borrowed horse named Chase to ride. It’s amazing how I’ve lost my confidence since April passed away. I’ve miss her so much that I haven’t been all that excited to ride anyway. I feel as though I’ll never find another horse like her. It’s nice to have people in my life who give me a nudge to do something and make it hard to say no.

The ride through Homestead Park was relaxing and Chase was a true gentleman giving my confidence a boost. I relaxed and enjoyed the view. Oh, how I miss saddle time! The sore seat bones were a good indication that it’s been way too long. I thoroughly enjoyed the lazy pace and sitting up high on the back of a strong Quarter Horse gelding. Life is good!

Sometimes I take for granted that I get to work from home. I enjoy setting my own schedule and get a lot of work done when it’s quiet. Publishing two magazines has been a challenge but being connected to two regions in the equine world has really broadened our horizons and created opportunities for us to grow and learn. I always enjoyed the summers in the Pacific Northwest but here in Colorado the riding can be year-round without a covered arena. (Except when it gets subzero.)

The search for a new horse of my own will take time, but I plan on writing about my experience. The price of decent broke horses has skyrocketed. It’s nothing to pay $10,000 to $15,000 for an older broke horse. I’ve always said I have a beer budget and champagne taste, so finding a safe, sound horse will be a challenge. It feels as though affordable horses are a thing of the past. Even rescue horses with physical limitations can start at $1,500 to $2,000.

I’ll keep you posted as I work toward finding a horse to enjoy. It will take a while as our move to Colorado cost us a small fortune. I’ll soon be attending a clinic with Ken McNabb in Wyoming. Who knows? Maybe he has a nice ranch horse that’s looking for a second career.

Perhaps a Mustang is the answer. Check out our cover story (page 6) to learn more about the Mustang Heritage Foundation and the good work they do. Enjoy your horses and be grateful if you have one to ride!

Quote: “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” – Author Unknown

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