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Equestrians Helping Others

I recently attended an event that warmed my soul. While watching the news one morning, I caught the tail end of a report about the Pikes Peak Range Riders hosting a half-day event called “A Day on the Range” for the Boys and Girls Club at Latigo Equestrian Center, which is just a few miles from my home.

They had a petting zoo, sheep herding demo, riding demonstrations by the Fort Carson Mounted Color Guard and The El Paso County Sheriff’s Department, country music, horse rides, wagon rides, roping lessons, and more. Many of these kids had never ridden a horse or had an opportunity to see what the Western lifestyle involves. It was fun to see how the horses brought smiles to so many little faces. 

Lately, I’ve been feeling disconnected. I miss my friends and family in the Northwest, but on this day some of the heartache disappeared. These kinds of events feed a longing I have. I remember being a little kid and dreaming of having a horse of my own. I grew up watching “Mr. Ed” and “My Friend Flicka”. I would draw horses and look longingly out the window anytime we drove by a field of horses as a kid.

Getting connected in our community brings more meaning to life. I look forward to the day when I can be part of these events and not just watch from the sidelines. I still have two horses that can and will serve others. I no longer have the desire to compete. I’m at a point in my life where I just want to enjoy the scenery from the back of a horse. It seems that the way out of sadness and loss is to help someone else experience the healing power of horses.

One of my passions is helping veterans, and horses have a way of reaching people who have experienced trauma. It really disarms people when you put them on a horse. Just being near a horse has a calming effect. Our lives have become all-consuming with work, daily routines, constant stimulation through social media, and worries over finances, relationships, and responsibilities. Taking a deep breath and burying our heads in that soft mane makes the day better, no matter who you are. 

Be blessed and hug your horse! 

“Increase your confidence in your self-worth and in your ability to contribute good things to the world.” – Lindsey Stirling, Violinist

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