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The Joy of Transformation

By Karen Pickering


Every business finds that change comes whether we’re ready or not.
Karen on April at water crossing, Bolender Horse Park

Things are always changing. The way the horse industry has changed over the last 25 years is astonishing. Every business finds that change comes whether we’re ready or not. I have been sharing bits of information here and there about my upcoming ventures and am super excited about the next chapter of my life and where we’re going with the Northwest Horse Source magazine.

The magazine will stay in print as long as there are stores that will stock them. Recently, we lost a few of our grocery store outlets; that means we readjust and find new locations. I do want to say it’s important to support your local feed and tack stores, as they have to compete with Amazon and other online vendors for product sales. People are purchasing more with smartphones and tablets and we are rising to the occasion with our digital edition, online articles, and a mobile-friendly website. You can take the magazine with you anywhere digitally.

One of my recent ventures is to work on becoming certified as a Jack Canfield Trainer. One of my goals is to start a group consisting of people who want to change their lives by reaching their dreams and goals. There are some life skills I’m learning that I’ll share in this new group.

Many of us want to ride into our senior years and I want to help make this happen. With the Northwest Horse Source as a launching pad we can take things in a new direction. Perhaps by sharing my life experiences and what I’ve learned with others, I can change a life. I love to work with people and the magazine has given me the opportunity to travel, meet some of the best trainers and companies in the business, and interact with the horse industry for my livelihood.

Finally, I’m excited to have Jack Canfield on the cover of our November issue. Jack is co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and has been a speaker for over 25 years. After meeting him in Portland I’ve made some big life-changing decisions. I’m excited to share his principles with my readers (and to find out he has horses)! Please enjoy the cover story on page 6.

The resounding theme for us at Northwest Horse Source this season is meaningful gifts. Have a great month and have fun preparing for the holiday season. We’re here to help!


Quote: “All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come.” ~ Victor Hugo – 1802-1885 – Poet, Novelist, Dramatist



Published November 2019 Issue

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