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Face to Face Interaction is the Best

After returning home from the Northwest Horse Fair & Expo in Albany, Oregon, I realized how seeing familiar faces and meeting new people was the highlight of the trip. I was especially excited to see John Lyons again after several years. He and his wife Jody had been on another journey for several years. He’s back into horses again, teaching riders how to respect and understand how horses think. 

Getting a chance to visit with Matt Livengood, Alayne Blickle, Scott DePaolo, and Teddy Franke, as well as meeting new clinicians in the industry, was also very rewarding. We have so much talent in the horse industry, whether it’s the longtime teachers or new clinicians who have so much to offer. I imagine the participants in the various clinics were thrilled to have a chance to learn from these amazing teachers. And the shopping—I always find treasures at the expos you won’t find anywhere else. 

The various breeds represented, clubs and organizations, and the spectacular show by the Black Pearl Friesian Dance Troupe had everyone excited about being at the expo. The excitement of a live show just can’t be beat. This year there was Western dressage and a colt starting challenge as well. Engaging with all the different people, their horses, and experiencing amazing camaraderie made the trip and its expenses worth it. 

I had some great help too. Marci Voorhees (an amazing artist) answered my request for someone to help us out with a TV for the expo. Flying has its challenges and bringing a TV was not an option. Marci is one of the kindest, most generous people I know and always willing to help. I also had a great travel companion! My best friend, Wendy Croney, accompanied me on this trip, helping with booth setup and watching the booth while I was out seeing all the vendors and clinicians. I feel truly blessed with friends, customers, and colleagues. Life is good when I connect with my community.

“Willingly give and graciously receive. What you do to and for another, you do to and for yourself.” – Bob Proctor (1934-2022), Co-Founder of Proctor Gallagher Institute

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