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Discover how I lost 15# in 35 days

Feeling Better by Drinking CoffeeToday I’m down 15# in 35 days. I’m gearing up for the Holidays. I’m eating healthy and losing weight. Feeling so much better! Want to know how I did it by drinking coffee? Ask me how!

Weight loss has never come easy for me. I’ve struggled with weight most of my adult life. Two years ago I was introduced to a company that promotes healthy beverages, coffee being the main product. I was looking for something that would help me on my journey to get healthy. I dabbled and got some immediate results. Mostly I felt better, more energy, able to focus and cut my cravings. It has gotten rid of my allergy to cats too!

I just turned 57. I was feeling a bit of hip pain (most likely due to throwing that leg over a horse for so many years). I wasn’t working very hard at losing weight and just didn’t want to give up my treats, mostly breads, pasta and anything sweet. After a trip to the doctor last Spring it became apparent that I needed to do something. My blood sugar was high and so was my cholesterol. With a history of heart disease in my family I decided if I wanted to live a full life and be able to ride for another 30+ years, I better get serious.

35 days ago I decided to eat clean. No sugar, no flour. The coffee I’ve been drinking made the transition to healthy food so much easier. I was looking for a healthier coffee and was impressed with the fact that this coffee product was alkaline based, not acidic like most coffee. My blood sugar has gone from 127 to 109 in the last two weeks. I’m feeling and sleeping much better too.

My goal is to be able to easily mount my horse from the ground. (Even though I will always prefer using a mounting block for the horse’s sake). It’s embarrassing for me at the Wednesday night ranch sorting to be the only one hunting for a chair or someplace to mount my horse. I’m done with that! My horse will appreciate it too!

I want to help people reach their dream of being thin, healthy and fit. Ultimately I’m looking for people who are interested in living their dream of being financially independent too! Enough of this living paycheck to paycheck! You have to get past the naysayers and negative people in this world. I love being in a business that encourages you to dream big, live big and help others achieve their dreams. I love helping people and this has been an amazing journey!

April and Karen warming up at Coastal Equine. This is closer to my ideal weight. Photo by Lisa Collins

I will never give up the magazine until people quit reading it. While the way we consume information has changed I don’t believe we’re ready to give up the tactile feel of a magazine while relaxing over a hot cup of coffee. I believe in having a plan B so helping people realize their dream is the next chapter of my life. I would love the opportunity to share my passion with you so call me (360) 332-5579  or email me. I’d love to hear about your dream!

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Quote: Don’t worry about failures. Worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try. ~ Jack Canfield

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