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Horses and Recreation Go Together

By Karen Pickering


Josh Lyons stops by for a visit at the NW Horse Fair & Expo. Photo credit NWHS

I’ve been publishing The Northwest Horse Source for over 22 years now. Just back from the Northwest Horse Fair & Expo, I’m reminded how fortunate I am to be in the industry I love.

At the expo, I had a chance to sit down with Josh Lyons and learn about his life as a clinician. He has a lot of his father’s character and kindness. While I didn’t get to watch his clinic I’m pretty sure his background makes him a gentle horseman and someone to learn a great deal from. Watch for him as he spends more time in the Pacific Northwest. You can get more information on his website, www.joshlyons.com.

I also visited with one of my favorite trios: Francesca Carsen and her dynamic duo, Spanky and Dally. I love what Francesca has done with the two unlikely friends. You can read about their adventures in their two books, The Great Adventures of Dally and Spanky. You can find their story at www.horseteacher.com. Francesca says Steve Rother is the inspiration behind Spanky and Dally. Steve is an amazing horseman in his own right and also demonstrated at the NW Horse Fair & Expo.

Spanky, Dally, and Francesca visit the Northwest Horse Source booth at the NW Horse Fair & Expo. Photo credit NWHS

While my horse April and I have both been lame recently, caring for her brings me healing and joy. I may have to find a new mount, and this saddens me, but it feeds my soul to be on the back of a horse. Perhaps I’ll find an equine partner that can do the fast-paced sports of sorting and extreme trail and I can still enjoy April on the trails near home.

One of the biggest joys we can experience on horseback is a relationship that’s in sync– where both horse and rider enjoy the experience. Clinics, watching, reading, and taking lessons give us an opportunity to enjoy our steeds and experience them to the fullest.

As you venture out and enjoy the beauty and pleasant weather that May has to offer, share your experiences with us. You can email [email protected] or find us on Facebook. I’d love to hear from you! Finally, read about an amazing horse park in Washington State on page 6.

If you want to get the best out of a person you must look for the best that is in him.

Bernard Haldane, Author


Published May 2018 Issue


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