EquestriSafe: Have a Plan Before Emergencies Happen

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Each year equine owners are faced with emergencies such as wild fires in California, Texas and all of the Western states, tornados and flooding in the Midwest, hurricanes in Florida, the Gulf coast and up the eastern seaboard. All of these emergencies at some point may require horses and other equines to be evacuated from properties where they reside. With a population of over 9 million horses in the United States, it’s unlikely that a year would go by without numerous horses being lost or stolen during these events. With no good statistics, the best estimate of lost or stolen horses is 40,000 – 55,000 annually.  Unfortunately, these emergencies can happen without warning, and you may not have time to complete all of the preparations to evacuate. EquestriSafe is a company dedicated to educating equine owners on how to keep their animals safe in case of an emergency, as well as providing identification that can be used in such cases. The Fetlock ID Band is small, easy to use, and safe. It provides a phone number embroidered on the band and is designed to be worn by your horse 24/7. It does not impede the horse’s movements and can be worn on the pastern or cannon bone for immediate and visible identification. The Horse ID Collar has various uses. It’s highly visible, comes in several different styles, and is easily used for evacuations, camping, hunting, endurance riding, foal or mare identifications, veterinary hospitals and anywhere else equine identification might be needed. Learn more at www.EquestriSafe.com


Published January 2013 Issue

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